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Is donating blood to a lover weird?

I am trying to think of a crazy twist for my ongoing comic. I’m sold on one idea in particular. The female lead is suffering from a rare condition where her blood decays. The male lead also has... more
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Home Work Question For Health Class

What is HIV(Signs/symptoms,treatment)? Are HIV and AIDS interchangeable terms?Explain deeply.
Health Nutrition


Ron wants to make fish for dinner. Which is the healthiest way for him to cook the fish?

A. friedB.baked in cream fishC.grilledD.sauteed in oil


What are some important features of achalasia?


How can Windows 10 help me reduce blue light and allow me to sleep better?

New research adds to this already large body of evidence of the power of blue light to interfere with sleep. The study of healthy young adults found exposure to blue light from computer screens... more


TFCC tear “suspected” how accurate is my mri?

So i had injured my wrist back in mid August, the orthopedic specialist he said it was a contusion, i was still having some wrist pain still after 3 weeks so he sent me for an MRI, didn't get in... more

Legalizing marijuana

Who decides if marijuana should be legalized or not ?
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Health Crossword Puzzle

I need the word to, the amount of effort or force required to complete the exercise. The word is 10 letters long and the 3rd letter is an S
Health Fitness Teen


I hate my sport but I can't quit

I'm 14 female who's stuck spending time on a sport I have no interest in. Each day of the week (all year round excluding sunday and thursday) I spend 3+ hours swimming. Overall in the year we only... more
Health Biology


What can affect basal metabolic rate?

Health Zoology Botany


Feeding animals or plants with coffee?

What happens if you feed animals or plants with coffee? Say, just once, or daily? There are some extra coffees in the pot, and I don't know whether it is a good idea feeding animals or plants with... more


How has hearing loss been avoided in war?

Guns are very loud, even in an open field. In a trench or inside a city, I can only imagine they would be louder, and quite capable of causing hearing loss. How have armies ensured that their... more
Health Nursing


help please online health

The lifestyle factor in which fitness levels can be affected by health-related problems or genes inherited from our parents is


Make my computer screen's tint warmer at night?

I use my computer at night, but my computer screen looks like daylight and I find it too bright to use at night. So, what is a good tool to make my computer screen warmer at night? I'm using... more
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What is the best way to get healthy?

I am a 40 year old human male, I am five feet ten inches tall and weigh 220 pounds, I live a sedentary life style and eat an unhealthy diet.What is the best way to turn my life around and get... more
Health Nursing


Health .

the benefits of physical health include higher energy levels and stronger bones


Does freezing microorganisms such as probiotics kill them?

Does freezing microorganisms such as probiotics kill them? If not, what is the process that allows them to "come back to life" after the temperatures are increased? As an example, lets say you... more
Health Geography Data


Malaria Mortality Rate GIS Data?

Can anyone direct me to GIS data for malaria mortality rate? I am looking for countries in South Asia, but not looking for country level numbers but smaller level numbers like district level.
Health Basketball Sleep


How much sleep should I be getting to recover your body’?(I basketball train 3x a day, and weight lift 5x a week)

My traing sessions are 1.5 hours each. My weight lifting last 1-1.5 hours. I eat 3 meals a day, and my current sleeping schedule is sleeping 10:00pm-5:00am. Can I be damaging my body in anyway?... more

Why doesn't the government lower the price for healthy food and raise the price for unhealthy food? Wouldn't they save billions in healthcare costs?

For some foods it's a little bit ambiguous if they're healthy or not. But common everyone knows that carrots and spinach are healthy and candy and chips are not. Obesity, vitamin deficiency and a... more
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