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Nuclei overload and muscle growth at home no equipment

I’m asking if nuclei overload works? Those 100 push ups a challenge and rest after the month is done for example? Also what is a good way to lose weight and gain muscle for exercises at home with... more
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Which Whey protein is better, Asitis or LetsFit Nutrition? Why?

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Health Crossword Puzzle

I need the word to, the amount of effort or force required to complete the exercise. The word is 10 letters long and the 3rd letter is an S
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I hate my sport but I can't quit

I'm 14 female who's stuck spending time on a sport I have no interest in. Each day of the week (all year round excluding sunday and thursday) I spend 3+ hours swimming. Overall in the year we only... more


Will skateboarding, biking, and standing for hours everyday help me lose weight?

I’m trying to lose weight but I’m having a hard time sticking to a diet, and I just want to know if by skateboarding, biking, and standing a lot (due to my work) would let me lose some weight? I’m... more
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What is the best way to get healthy?

I am a 40 year old human male, I am five feet ten inches tall and weigh 220 pounds, I live a sedentary life style and eat an unhealthy diet.What is the best way to turn my life around and get... more
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Do you have to have a sports physical for cheer clinic



true or false 1

Pacing is defined as the average length of two natural steps; a count is made each time the same foot touches the ground.
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Losing weight quickly

I need to be 185 lbs to join the Air Force, I currently weigh 260 lbs. What is the best thing I can do to drop the weight fast?


If I do High Intensity cardio on Tuesday and Thursday, do I have to do low moderate intensity cardio on Saturday?

Because I don't understand whats the meaning.The google says "if performing interval on Tuesday and Thursday, I recommend low or moderate intensity steady state session as an active recovery."


Which of the following is not a key point of stretching?

Which of the following is not a key point of stretching?   A. Bounce the body while performing a stretch   B. hold stretch for at least 15 seconds   C. Push until you feel a slight discomfort... more


to gain muscle mass and strength you need to lift weights everyday

True or false? 


what biomechanic principles are used when squating and how?

need to know what biomechanical principles are used in squatting and how do they assist the squat?


A female friend (around 85kg / 190lbs) wants to bet that she can lift me (male, 69kg / 152lbs). Can she?

I know that this depends on several things, but I'd like to hear opinions (maybe experiences) whether you think she can or cannot do it. She is about 1.70m ~ 5' 7' and I am 1.78m ~ 5' 10'.Of course... more

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