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Feeling weird smell few days after pseudoephedrine?

Each time I take a medication containing `pseudoephedrine` (Sudafed, Cirrus) I feel a weird smell for a few days afterwards. I'm generally quite convinced that I could do a blind test for... more
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Does tolerance develop to medicinal use of dextroamphetamine?

Dextromphetamine is used long-term to treat ADHD. Does the agent's effectiveness in treating the disorder decrease with time? Do the mood elevating properities of the drug attenuate?
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For how long drowsiness and intoxication last with Tramadol 50mg?

My mother took Tramadol 50mg with two panadeines and had drowsiness and intoxication. How long can I expect that to last? Some web sites say 12-24 hours. Is that right?


Heart Rate response to beta-blockers in elderly vs adults?

Beta-blockers act by decreasing the heart rate of the patient. Why is this response decreased in the elderly?


Dr. prescribed Ondansetron/Zofran for migraines & says it'll help with weight loss too. How effective is it for either (migraines/weight loss)?

I have suffered from migraines since my childhood, but I never grew out of it. For all my life, I've taken all sorts of blockers, but a new doctor recently suggested that I should take... more
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Epidural and Cholinesterase Deficiency?

I have pseudocholinesterase deficiency (BCHE gene), but my wife does not. My wife may need/strongly desire an epidural for our next child. Is this safe for a fetus which may possibly have the same... more


Does long-term SSRI use cause any permanent changes in personality? Are there any quantitative/qualitative studies looking at this?

Curious about counseling patient's on the long-term risk/benefit analysis of SSRI use? Is there any EBM on what personality changes one should expect after X period of SSRI use? Does this change... more
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How can someone not working in the pharmacologic industry help find a solution for a medical problem without donating money and without waiting?

The question is about the minimum knowledge and equipment required to create 1. drugs for treating infectious diseases or 1. drugs for pain reduction or 1. drugs for cancer treatment and where... more
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Does running help to get rid of a product put in the body by intramuscular injection?

I receive an intramuscular injection of Haldol (Haloperidol) every week. Does doing exercise (such as running) helps in getting rid of the injected Haldol?


Eye drops came to mouth through eyes?

I was using eye drops for allergy, after some time felt bitter taste in my mouth. I unknowingly consumed a little of it. So generally is it OK to consume nasal, eye, ear drops that come in mouth... more
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How do drug companies know how to produce a generic drug?

Do the original companies have to reveal their manufacturing process to the public before they sell the drugs and the other companies can copy from them after their patent is expired?
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Does taking medication lose hyperfocus on ADHD?

I wonder if taking medication to deal with unconcentration on ADHD would lose hyperfocus, which is considered one of the advantage of ADHD. I understand taking medication on ADHD have a side... more


Does use of NSAIDs prolong recovery time from febrile illness?

My understanding's that fever's an immune system response to pathogens. Would suppression of this response delay time to recovery?
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Effects of taking 1800mg of ibuprofen at once?

I took one and I waited about 15 to 30 min and then I took two more. Each pill is 600mg. Altogether it is 1800mg in 30 minutes time. Could something happen? If not, could something happen if I... more
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Effects of Modafinil?

As someone who suffers from chronic insomnia and often has to get things done during the day without much or any sleep at all, I would like to know from those experienced what the effects are of... more

Can an antipyretic (I.e. Aspirin) lower normal body temperature?

Is it possible for an antipyretic medication taken when not experiencing fever to cause a person's body temperature to drop below normal? I found [one... more


Can early exposure to stimulates, like ritalin, result in higher tolerance to them?

As a child I was diagnosed with ADD and put on Ritalin from a young age. As a child I use to have significant insomnia, but did not realize it was due to Ritalin until I finally stopped taking it... more
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At what daily dose does daily aspirin use become dangerous for a long-term user?

Many people take 80-300mg a day of aspirin for cardiovascular reasons; while, from what I've seen online, arthritis patients take up to 3000mg a day (is this correct?). But what are the increased... more
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Can scopolamine really be given through the ear?

As you might have seen theres a new facebook post going around about a 22 year old women who was drugged in a mall. Supposedly a group of men had 'blown a substance in her ear' and she nearly... more


Can oral contraceptives prevent ovarian cysts from forming?

I wanted to know if there are any ways or any preventive measure that a female can take to prevent the formation of ovarian cyst. In many websites I found that using oral contraceptives prevents... more
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Do fiber pills interfere with prescrption medications?

Do fiber pills interfere with the absorption or efficacy of prescrption medications?


Does an infected dental nerve affect nose breahting?

I went to my dentist for a lookup and he told me I needed a tooth canal treatment. He asked me if I had some problems with my nose, like if it's closed or dry. He was right about it and he told me... more
Medications Nursing Side Effects


can 5 alpha reductase inhibitor drugs work for life or do they lose effectivness?

does 5 alpha reductase inhibitor drugs like finasteride and dutasteride losses their effectiveness over time, and why do some drugs like Hiv regimen work prolonged time without tolerance and other... more
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Can a drug to be used in the clinic to treat a disease that failed a clinical trial?

I am searching for drugs for my uncle who has prostate cancer who is afraid to take corticosteroids. I read about the drug cabozantinib, but it said it failed a 3rd phase clinical trial, even... more


Do combined oral contraceptives cause weight gain?

I started Lo Loestrin Fe ([a combined estrogen-progestin oral contraceptive pill](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Combined_oral_contraceptive_pill)) about 4 months ago. The first month on it, I got... more

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