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Total Amount Weight Kilograms


weight of boxes

A fruit company delivers its fruit in two types of boxes: large and small. A delivery of 3 large boxes and 5 small boxes has a total weight of 132 kilograms. A delivery of 9 large boxes and 7 small... more
Total Amount


78 students signed up for a math competition. During the competition 8970 were solved.

78 students signed up for a math competition. During the competition 8970 were solved. If each student worked the same amount of problems how many did each work?
Total Amount


what is the total cost of the purchase? including tax.

Martha goes to the store and spends $114 on food and $66 on non-food items. The local sales tax rate in her town is 3.3% on food items and 5.3% on non-food items. The state sales tax rate is 3.7%... more
Total Amount


How many adults and how many children attended a play?

Admission prices at a school play were $6 for adults and $4 for children. The total receipts for the show were $1920 and 420 tickets were sold. How many adults and how many children attend the play
Total Amount


Interest in $100 since1962

How much would $100 earn in savings account since 1862?
Total Amount


What is $580 every 2 weeks for 10 weeks

Find the total of money I would make in a 10 week period of time


Shipping cost is what % of my order?

My amazon purchase total was $00.06 to the same vendor for 6 different items arriving in one package. The shipping total was $31.00. How would I word the obvious problem with this order when... more


Find the total cost in dollars, C(x), of producing x units of tile and the revenue in dollars, R(x), from the sale of x units of tile.

manager of a small company that produces roof tile has determined that the overhead is $1000 and the variable cost for each unit of tile produced is $200. Each unit of tile sells for... more
Total Amount


Amount x Cost = Value

Admission to a baseball game is $2.50 for general admission and $4.00 for reserved seats. The receipts were $3362.00 for 1187 paid admissions. How many of each ticket were sold?

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