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Centripetal Force Physics Gravity Forces


Planet orbits: what's the difference between gravity and centripetal force?

My physics teacher says that centripetal force is caused by gravity. I'm not entirely sure how this works? How can force cause another in space (ie where there's nothing). My astronomy teacher... more
Centripetal Force Physics Circular Motion


How to calculate g-force?

A 35,000 kg plane travelling 120 m/s turns in a full circle, the period being 12 s. If the plane maintains constant altitude and velocity, what is the g-force on the pilot?
Centripetal Force Physics Circular Motion


Ball hanging from string (centripetal forces) #1

A ball, attached to a string, moves in a circle. How does the tension of the string change if the speed of the ball is doubled?
Centripetal Force Physics Mechanics


Centripetal forces with cars

A car can round a banked curve at an 84 m radius and a maximum speed of 16 m/s without relying on friction. What is the angle does the car bank when it turns?  
Centripetal Force Physics Mechanics Tension


Circular Motion: Finding the angle from the vertical

A .25 kg object is attached to a 0.80m string. The object is pulled to a point so that the string makes an angle θ from the vertical. It is then released. At the bottom of the object's path, the... more
Centripetal Force Physics Circular Motion


Help needed on finding speed for circular motion

A radio controlled ariplane is suspended from a 0.80 m string. The plane revolves in a circle at a constant speed. The angle the string makes from the vertical is 60º. What is the speed of the... more
Centripetal Force Physics Circular Motion


Circular Motion with Friction

A small stone rests on the outer edge of a disk which is whirling around at about 28 rotations per minute. The diameter of the disk is .32 m.   What is the minimum coefficient of static friction... more
Centripetal Force Physics Mechanical Physics


Quick question on centripetal force

If an airplane makes a circular turn, what provides the centripetal force?
Centripetal Force Physical Science Physics Vectors


A mass of 1.00 Kg on the end of string that is 0.5 meters long is swung in a circle. The centripetal force is 5.0 Newtons. How fast is the mass moving?

A) 5.0 meters per second B) 2.0 meters per second C) 10.0 meters per second D) 1.0 meters per second E) 1.5 meters per second 
Centripetal Force Physics Mass Radius


What is the mass of the car?

A rollercoaster track provides 6400 N of centripetal force on a rollercoaster car. The car travels at a speed of 22 m/s as it rounds a horizontal curve with a radius of 15 m. What is the mass of... more
Centripetal Force Physics Forces


Decreasing Centripetal Force

You are a roller coaster engineer, and safety inspectors tell you that your roller coaster has too much centripetal force. What can you do to decrease the centripetal foce acting on your roller... more
Centripetal Force Physics Velocity Radius


Solving for Centripetal Force using a Free Body Diagram

A 70 kg student is riding a roller coaster and is at the top of the vertical loop. The loop has a radius of 16 m, and the car's velocity at the top is 12 m/s. What is the student's apparent weight... more
Centripetal Force Physics Velocity Mass


Solving centripetal force using an equation

A roller coaster car of mass of 300 kg is going through a loop at a velocity of 15 m/s. If the loop has a radius of 12 m, what centripetal force is the roller coaster experiencing?   SHOW WORK
Centripetal Force Physics Normal Force Force


Solving for Centripetal Force using a Free Body Diagram

A centripetal force of 4000N keeps a 50kg rollercoaster car traveling in a circular path at the top of a loop. Calculate the normal force of the track on the rollercoaster car.   SHOW WORK USING... more


Solving for Centripetal Force using an Free Body Diagram

Gabriella (75  kg) rides a roller coaster. What is her acceleration at the top of the vertical loop if she feels like her weight is 1200N?   What is Gabriella's acceleration at the... more
Centripetal Force


what is centripetal force?

what is centripetal force? definition
Centripetal Force Physics


If it takes 600s for an object to carry out 20 revolutions:

A. What is the period of rotation? B. What is the velocity if the object is 14 cm from the center of rotation? C. What is the centripetal force on a 35 g mass spinning 14 cm from the center of... more
Centripetal Force Physics


Uncertainty of the centripetal force

A lab experiment was performed to find the centripetal force on a rotating body which measured mass(m), frequency(n), and radius(r).  It was found that Fc=4Π2n2mr.  How do I write an expression for... more

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