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Distance Algebra 1 Calculus


At noon, a car leaves town A on a street road, heading south at 60 km/h, and a plane 4 km above the ground passes over town A heading east at 650 km/h.

PLEASE HELP ME ANSWER THIS QUESTION ITS SO HARD FOR ME TO ANSWER.(a) Express the distance r travelled by the car and the distance s travelled bythe plane as functions of time.(b) Express the... more
Distance Math Algebra 2


Distance Question

the angle of elevation is 68 degrees. The string on the kite is 50m long. How far above the ground is the kite?


Trent flies a plane against a headwind for 5589 miles. The return trip with the wind took 12 hours less time. If the wind speed is 6 mph, how fast does Trent fly the plane when there is no wind?

Trent flies a plane against a headwind for 5589 miles. The return trip with the wind took 12 hours less time. If the wind speed is 6 mph, how fast does Trent fly the plane when there is no wind?
Distance Math


really need help with this question please!

the more efficient the vehicle is, the longer distance it can travel on the same amount of fuel. rank the following fuel efficiencies from most to least efficient.0.03L/km30km/L0.04L/km32km/1.2L


Finding the Distance from a Coordinate Grid

A civil engineer is mapping the overhead clearance of his family’s property on a coordinate grid. The ground is represented on an x-axis and the base of the house is at the origin. There are two... more
Distance Algebra 1


Using the Distance Formula

Find the distance between (3a + 7, b) and (b + 7, 3a), given than a > b
Distance Math Algebra


Equation of Hyperbola — Help!!

Hi! please help me!Question:A light on a wall produces a shadow in the shape of a hyperbola. If the distance between the two vertices of the hyperbola is 10 inches and the distance between the two... more



An ant is crawling on your ruler. He is on the 6 cm. mark and he crawls back to the 2 cm mark. He does this in 2 seconds. What is the distance he crawls? What is his speed? What is his... more
Distance Math Physics


You are pushing a large box across a frictionless.....(IN THE DESCRIPTION)

You are pushing a large box across a frictionless floor by applying a constant horizontal force. If the box starts at rest, you have to do work W_1 in order for the box to travel a distance d in... more
Distance Rate Time Problem


Solving a Distance, Rate, Time Problem Using a Linear Equation. Word Problem

Kaitlin drove to the mountains last weekend. There was heavy traffic on the way there, and the trip took 10 hours. When Kaitlin drove home, there was no traffic and the trip only took 7 hours. If... more
Distance Physics


with a constant acceleration of 1.667m/s^2, what is the distance traveled between t1= 2.61s and t2= 5.79s

there is a velocity/time graph with points at (0,0) , (3,5) , (6,10) and (9,15)
Distance Algebra 1


Trains and rollercoasters

The train and roller coaster Arrive back at their station at the same time. The train has a .15 mile head start. The train is traveling at a rate of .65 mi./min. The roller coaster is traveling at... more
Distance Science Physics


Displacement and Distance Physics

A child observes a caterpillar walking on a window sill. The caterpillar walks 18 cm to the left and 6 cm to the right, then 10 cm to the left. What is the total distance walked by the... more
Distance Physics Velocity


Physics Speed and velocity help

A student is walking with a constant speed of v1 m/s along High Street and sees a puddle d1 meters ahead of her. A bus driver is driving parallel to the student along High street/ The bus is d2... more


Bearings Question (finding distance travelled)

A ship travel on a bearing of 150oT for 25km before changing direction to 050oT and travelling a further 15km. How far south is the ship from it's starting position. (State answer correct to 2... more


How is distance measured to far away stars and galaxies?

What I need is an accurate description of the methods used to determine the distance to Andromeda. The Parallax method is for nearby objects as I presume. The red shift method applies, but how do... more
Distance Astronomy Stars


How could scientists know how far a star or galaxy is from us?

How do astronomers measure how far a star (or galaxy) is away from the earth? How would they know that it has taken 13 million years for light to travel in space before it reaches us?
Distance Algebra 1


Distance, Rate and Time

Two trains leave towns 909 km apart at the same time and travel toward each other. One train travels 15 km/h faster than the other. If they meet in 3 hours, what is the rate of each train?
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