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Displacement and Distance Physics

A child observes a caterpillar walking on a window sill. The caterpillar walks 18 cm to the left and 6 cm to the right, then 10 cm to the left. What is the total distance walked by the... more


Physics Speed and velocity help

A student is walking with a constant speed of v1 m/s along High Street and sees a puddle d1 meters ahead of her. A bus driver is driving parallel to the student along High street/ The bus is d2... more


Bearings Question (finding distance travelled)

A ship travel on a bearing of 150oT for 25km before changing direction to 050oT and travelling a further 15km. How far south is the ship from it's starting position. (State answer correct to 2... more


How is distance measured to far away stars and galaxies?

What I need is an accurate description of the methods used to determine the distance to Andromeda. The Parallax method is for nearby objects as I presume. The red shift method applies, but how do... more


How could scientists know how far a star or galaxy is from us?

How do astronomers measure how far a star (or galaxy) is away from the earth? How would they know that it has taken 13 million years for light to travel in space before it reaches us?


Distance, Rate and Time

Two trains leave towns 909 km apart at the same time and travel toward each other. One train travels 15 km/h faster than the other. If they meet in 3 hours, what is the rate of each train?


Distance problem

Cameron went to the bookstore traveling 12 miles per hour and returned home traveling 10 miles per hour if the trip took a total of 11 hours how long did Cameron travel at each speed?


Math finding the distance in time

neglecting air resistance , the distance d that the object falls varies directly as the square of the time t it has failed. An object falls 64 feet in 2 seconds. determine the distance it will fall... more


You drive home from work on the highway at a speed of 100 per hour.

After travelling 20 km, it starts to snow and you reduce your speed to 60km per hour. If the whole trip takes 36 minutes, how far are you from your work?


A boat going upstream (against the current) travels in a 105 miles in 15 hours. It takes the same boat 7.5 hours to make the same trip when it is traveling back downstream (with the current).

What is the speed of the boat in still water and what is the speed of the current of the river?


Distance, displacement speed and velocity

A student went for a run. She ran for exactly 22 minutes at an average speed of 4.0m/s calculate the distance she ran in km and state the equation that links distance travelled, average speed time.


Distance questions

A man facing west.he turns left and drive 10 km and turns left again and drive 10 km then he turns right and drive 40 km he turns right again and drive 30 km lastly he turns right and drive 59 km... more


I need help with HW

IsabelleĀ is trying to predict the time required to ride her bike to the nearby beach. She knows that the distance is 45 km and, from other trips, that she can usually average about 20 km/h. Predict... more


linear equation fractions and distance

a woman travelled 3/8 of her journey by rail, 1/8 by car and walked the last 45 km. How far did she travel?


Linear equation to calculate distance travelled

a woman travelled half of her journey by rail and walked the last 50 km. How far did she travel?
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