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need answered asap please

A truck enters a highway driving 60 mph. A car enters the highway at the same place 5 minutes later and drives 69 mph in the same direction. From the time the car enters the​ highway, how long will... more


Middle school math finding the distance

You and your friend are standing back to back. Your friend runs 13 feet forward and 3 feet right. At the same time, you run 11 feet forward and 7 feet right. You stop and throw a baseball to your... more


A plane in still air.

You are flying a plane from Toronto to Ottawa (N65E). The wind is coming from N20W at 60 km/h. What should your speed relative to the still air and heading be if you are to make the 500km trip in... more


PHYSICS HELP! Force of Gravitational Attraction

Determine the force of gravitational attraction between the earth ( which is 5.98 x 10^24 kg ) and a 70 kg physics student if the student is standing at sea level, a distance of 6.40 x 10^6 meters... more


1-D Kinematics of Particles

Particle 𝐴, which is initially at rest, wants to meet Particle 𝐵, however they are 𝑋𝑌𝑍 ft away from one another. The motion of particle 𝐴 heading toward 𝐵 is defined by the relation: 𝑠 = 1/𝑎2 where... more
Distance Time Rate


Julie and Paul head out from their school traveling in opposite directions. Paul drives 30 mi/hr faster than Julie. After 3 hours, they are 240 miles apart.

What is the rate, time, and distance of each person. Also what is their individual rates per hour in mph.


word problem help

a train leaves perryville at 6:00am and travels east at a rate of 64mi/hr to granite city. as it reaches its destination, a westbound train departs from granite city , traveling at a rate of 48/hr,... more
Distance Point Slope


what is a line that is perpendicular to y=x-6 and passes threw the points (-9,-3)

find the distance from point A (-9,-3) to the given line y=x-6


At noon, a car leaves town A on a street road, heading south at 60 km/h, and a plane 4 km above the ground passes over town A heading east at 650 km/h.

PLEASE HELP ME ANSWER THIS QUESTION ITS SO HARD FOR ME TO ANSWER.(a) Express the distance r travelled by the car and the distance s travelled bythe plane as functions of time.(b) Express the... more
Distance Math Algebra 2


Distance Question

the angle of elevation is 68 degrees. The string on the kite is 50m long. How far above the ground is the kite?


Trent flies a plane against a headwind for 5589 miles. The return trip with the wind took 12 hours less time. If the wind speed is 6 mph, how fast does Trent fly the plane when there is no wind?

Trent flies a plane against a headwind for 5589 miles. The return trip with the wind took 12 hours less time. If the wind speed is 6 mph, how fast does Trent fly the plane when there is no wind?
Distance Math


really need help with this question please!

the more efficient the vehicle is, the longer distance it can travel on the same amount of fuel. rank the following fuel efficiencies from most to least efficient.0.03L/km30km/L0.04L/km32km/1.2L


Finding the Distance from a Coordinate Grid

A civil engineer is mapping the overhead clearance of his family’s property on a coordinate grid. The ground is represented on an x-axis and the base of the house is at the origin. There are two... more
Distance Algebra 1


Using the Distance Formula

Find the distance between (3a + 7, b) and (b + 7, 3a), given than a > b
Distance Math Algebra Equation


Equation of Hyperbola — Help!!

Hi! please help me!Question:A light on a wall produces a shadow in the shape of a hyperbola. If the distance between the two vertices of the hyperbola is 10 inches and the distance between the two... more



An ant is crawling on your ruler. He is on the 6 cm. mark and he crawls back to the 2 cm mark. He does this in 2 seconds. What is the distance he crawls? What is his speed? What is his... more
Distance Math Physics Work


You are pushing a large box across a frictionless.....(IN THE DESCRIPTION)

You are pushing a large box across a frictionless floor by applying a constant horizontal force. If the box starts at rest, you have to do work W_1 in order for the box to travel a distance d in... more
Distance Rate Time Problem


Solving a Distance, Rate, Time Problem Using a Linear Equation. Word Problem

Kaitlin drove to the mountains last weekend. There was heavy traffic on the way there, and the trip took 10 hours. When Kaitlin drove home, there was no traffic and the trip only took 7 hours. If... more

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