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How do you write a surd as an exponential with a different base? How do you get from √128 to 2^(7/2)?

Hello!  The question in my textbook asks me to find m when √128 = 2^m   I used an app to solve the question and writing “√128 as an exponential with a base of 2“ was one of the steps Please... more
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Is 1/2x^2 the same as 1/2(x^-2)

Just wondering if these two are equal to eachother or if it’s just becomes 2x^-2 
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How do I answer this without logarithms?

A fat cat that was initially 12kg reduces its weight by 10% each month. How long does it take for the cat to be at least 6kg lighter than its original weight? Give your answer as a whole number of... more
Indices And Surds


(a +square root of 5)(3 +b(square root of 5) =26 +11(square root 5).find possible values of a and b

(a+√5)(3+b√5)=26+11√5.find possible values of a and b.

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