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How do I calculate the instantaneous voltage?

A sine wave voltage has a maximum value of 12 V and a frequency of 80 Hz. Calculate the instantaneous voltage at 10 ms. It's a multiple choice question and the following choices are:A. -11.4 VB. 0... more


Uniform electric field

Q2 = 2 uCQ3 = 6 uCThe distance between Q2 and Q3 is 2 metersQ2 (+) -------------------- Q3 (+)We add an uniform electric field.Calculate the vector of this uniform electric field so that the... more


Calculate the relative permittivity of the dialectric?

I'm given a question: The charge taken by a capacitor is 0.2 (micro)C when terminal voltage is 62 V. The plate area of the capacitor is 33cm^2 and its dielectric thickness is 0.6 mm.Permittivity of... more


A Nichrome heater dissipates 501.6 W when the applied potential difference is 110 V andthe wire temperature is 800°C. Find the dissipation rate (power) assuming the wire temperaturewas held at... more


A potential difference of 1.2 V will be applied to a 33 m length of 18-gauge copper wirewith a radius of 0.508 mm. Calculate (I) the current, (II) the magnitude of the current density,(III) the... more


Electric Potential Question!

A spherical conductor has a radius of 14 cm and a charge of 26 𝜇C. Calculate the electric field and the electric potential at (a) 𝑟 = 10 cm, (b) 𝑟 = 20 cm, and (c) 𝑟 = 14 cm from the center.
Electricity Physics


A proton is travelling at a speed of 4 x 105 m/s moves into a series of charged parallel plates as shown below.

I have the first part of question the answer is 6.7*10^5 m/s The plates were 0v -1000v and -1500vPart 2) b.... more
Electricity Physics Circuits


Two resistors have resistances R1 and R2. When the resistors are connected in series to a 12.0-V battery, the current from the battery is 2.00 A.

Two resistors have resistances R1 and R2. When the resistors areconnected in series to a 12.0-V battery, the current from the battery is2.00 A. When the resistors are connected in parallel to the... more
Electricity Physics Forces Weight


Calculating electric motor's weight lifting ability knowing power. What else do I need to know?

So, my company works with electric motors, and my boss wanted me to calculate how much weight could be lifted by a motor rated at 750W. I know that I can't just calculate the work done by it... more
Electricity Physics Electrons Forces


How do electrons know when a circuit is closed?

I was told that electrons do not begin flowing unless the circuit is closed. The electrons from the battery are not in the ends of wire when it is open, apparently, as there is no reason for them... more


Wind Turbine Without The Wind

Could you make a wind turbine powered by a huge fan that is powered by the wind turbine to create infinite energy as it will have left over power to power electrical things.
Electricity Physics D.c Circuits


When do we use given resistance/sum of resistance in series × emf

When do we use given resistance /sum of resistance in series × emf. And when do we use e=I(r+R) and v= e-ir  Secondly. For example v=ir.  If v increase do I and r both increase ? 
Electricity Physics Problems


Physics problem

An electric force is formed by a charged particle q=1.5•10^(-9)C, (1.5 times 10 in the exponent -9).In what distance are placed two equalpotencial areas in vacuum, if their potentials are φ1=45 V... more
Electricity Physics


Problem in Physics

One sphere with a radius of 1cm and another sphere with a radius of 2 cm are distanced with 1m appart, and are tied with the source of the electromotive force ε=3000 V. With what force these... more
Electricity Physics Dc Circuit Voltage


When voltage increases why does current.

In a dc circuit, where a power supply connected into a circuit containing an amp meter, when you crank up the voltage of the power supply the reading of the amp meter also increases. With the... more


Carbon steel wire length

I need to find out the carbon steel wire length in a 15 kg coil with 1 mm wire diameter. How can be done ?
Electricity Science Physics


Given three identical charges at separate positions how do you find the magnitude of the force on a small charge at the origin?

There are identical Q = 4.40 x 10^-6 C charges located at three positions: (0,-1,2), (1,2,0), and (-2,0,-1). Coordinates are listed in units of meters. What is the magnitude of the force that a... more

I don't understand charging by contact a neutral object and negatively charged rod.

Please explain how to do charging by contact with a neutral electroscope and a negatively charged rod 
Electricity Physics Resistance


Two coils have a combined resistance of 25 when connected in series and a resistance of 4 when connected in parallel. What is the resistance of each coil?

Two coils have a combined resistance of 25 when connected in series and a resistance of 4 when connected in parallel. What is the resistance of each coil?   I want to get your helps.    Regards!


determine the diameter of a windmill that could deliver an equivalent amount electrical power

Consider a household that consumes 400 kWh of electricity per month. This is equivalent toa power rate of 0.56 kW. If the average windspeed is 15.6 km/hr, determine the diameter ofa windmill that... more
Electricity Physics



How come when a group of people holding hands touch a fence, why does everyone receive an electric shock, surely the electricity should ground on the first person and he should be the only one... more
Electricity Physics


Geomagnetic Exercise without numbers

At the equator, there is a magnetic field B horizontal to the North and magnitude B: ... T (given) What is the magnitude and direction of the velocity of an electron e (me =9.31 x 10-31 Kg and qe... more
Electricity Physics


An aluminum wire with a diameter of 0.1 mm has a uniform electric field with a magnitude of 0.2 V/m imposed along its entire length.

The temperature of the wire is 50 degrees (Celsius). Given that at 20 degrees, ρo = 2.82x10-8 Ωm and α = 3.9x10-3 /C. Determine: a) the resistivity of the wire b) the current density in the... more
Electricity Physics


A homemade capacitor is made in placing 2 25 cm dishes 50 cm apart and connecting them to the opposite terminals of a 10V battery. Estimate:

a)The capacitance b)The charge on each plate c)The electric field between the plates d)The work done by the battery to charge the plates e)Which of the above values change is a dielectric is... more


when do I use absolute value brackets in the electric field equation E=k(q)/r^2 ?

when do I use the absolute value brackets on the point charge?   E = k (q)/r^2    vs   E = k |q|/r^2    ?

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