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Was the economic catastrophe the South suffered after the Civil War inevitable?

Did any US Administration before and including Lincoln propose to the South any alternative economic choices that would be backed by government bonds, or some such thing? Did the idea of... more


Definition of civil war

I once read that the definition of civil war meant (to paraphrase) : "When one or more factions attempts to overthrow the government of another country". Is this correct? Thank you!
Civil War American History


Did these differences lead to a belief in NATIONALISM ( a strong belief that the interests of the nation are of primary importance)? Or did it promote SECTIONALISM

People in the North and the in the South lived very different lives during the 1800s. Did these differences lead to a belief in NATIONALISM ( a strong belief that the interests of the nation are of... more
Civil War American History


was the union ever called the republic during the civil war

What reasons did the Confederacy have for believing they would have a quick victory?

At the beginning of the U.S. Civil War, both sides were very confident in a quick and easy victory. I can see why the North would think so: they had a better trained army, better infrastructure... more


How did the US/South Vietnam lose the Vietnam war?

South Vietnam was helped by US. Even when the US was gone, they had a 1 million army. So why did they lose? Even without US support, South Vietnam had about the same manpower, higher technology,... more

How did David Farragut seize New Orleans during the Civil War?

I need help fast this question is for a worksheet that is due tomorrow 

Who are some battle heroes from the battle of the wilderness other than the major generals?

having trouble finding some important figures who served in the battle of the wilderness who are not General Ulysses S. Grant or General Robert E. Lee.


Explain how the Civil War and the failures of Reconstruction caused the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s. Was the civil rights movement a success?

Homework help, regarding the effects of the Civil War & the failures of the Reconstruction? I have to write an essay on this topic. I have a general ideal but i feel like i'm lacking detail.... more
Civil War


only the senate has the power to?

only the senate has the power to?
Civil War


nicknames of the Untied States of american and Confederate states of America during the civil war that happen in 1861-1855?

i dont know the answer thats why i was looking for it on here.
Civil War Medicine War Soldiers


How were soldiers medically treated after the civil war?

I need this question answered as soon as possible please!
Civil War History


How did Abraham Lincoln's assassination influence conflicts after the Civil War between the North and South?

Please provide three reasons and i just need the basic understanding to help me get started  
Civil War American History


what event was more important the election of 1860 or wilmot proviso

for the two event decide which of the two events was more important than the other
Civil War History Confederates


What happened to the Confederates when they lost the war?

I know that they had the Reconstruction time and everything was torn apart, I just need some extra details and information on those events and what exactly happened. Thanks :-)
Civil War American History


Ceasefires during the Civil War?

Were there ceasefires after battles during the Civil War so that soldiers or medical personnel could go gather the injured and the fallen from field? Or, if not, how was this process handled,... more

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