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What was the first known war in history?

Not the first instance of *warfare*, which surely predates recorded history, but of an organized war between civilizations. For the purposes of this question I'll define a war as: - Defined scope: the war had a beginning, and end, and specific belligerents. Not an ongoing state of hostility between people groups. - Dedicated fighting force: the war was fought by a military of some kind, rather than armed commoners who skirmished when they happened to meet. - State-driven: Military action was enacted by one or more governments. (One state campaigning against disorganized tribes would count.) The earliest war I can find a description of is Sargon's conquest of Sumer at the Battle of Ur in c. 2271 BC, which led to the establishment of the Akkadian Empire. I suspect there were earlier documented conflicts in Sumer or other very early agricultural civilizations.

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