Asked • 08/03/19

What was Nazi Germany's end goal?

This is something I've always wondered but couldn't imagine what the answer could be and haven't found much material elsewhere. Nazi Germany, paired with Italy and Japan was waging war on the world during WWII. Germany, for its part was focusing on Europe, North Africa, and later on Russia. But what was Nazi Germany's end goal? Let's say the US never got involved when and how it did and let's say things went better for the Germans in Russia. Would they have continued expanding? Were they trying to establish a new world order and dominance? That plan seems foolhardy to me in the extreme. There's no possible way a small country like Germany could possible keep the entire world under check. As it expands, it decreases its influence and ability to control any one area. It seems their defeat was inevitable no matter the course of events. At the very least, they would have found attacking and destroying the Americas (especially the US), even with the help of Japan, a nearly insurmountable goal given it's shear size, population, and technical/military abilities. So just how was Nazi Germany hoping WWII would end?

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