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selecting a new camera!

hello! I am looking for a new camera. I am not too knowledgable on photography at all.. but Im looking for an affordable camera that has a vintage look (like how disposable photos look) but you... more

How much is a good framerate for slo-mo recording?

As per the title, how much **fps count** should I be considering on a camera if I am looking to do slo-mo shots **without framerate lag** taking effect on video settings?On a side note, I don't... more

Avoiding motion blur from a network camera?

I'm a newbie here. I have a problem that I don't really understand. Hopefully, someone can share their experience.If I have an ip camera of **1) 640x480(sensor width = 3.6mm)**, **2) focal length... more


How does shutter speed affect the video?

As shutter speed affects the coming light on sensor.But has it any affect on movement of subjects in video?

What can cause poor quality video in Canon point&shoot camera?

I recorded some videos from my superzoom compact camera Canon Powershot SX150 IS. When I run these videos on camera itself, they run fine. But when I move them on PC and run it, I can see it being... more


Does 4K impact quality when filming in low light? (other parameters being equal)?

I'm wondering if **filming with a 4K camera, possibly downsizing to Full HD, will give better detail than filming with a Full HD camera** (other parameters being equals).Sub-question (maybe I... more


What is a circular motion around a object called when filming?

You know that camera technique when the camera operator usually have a steadicam and runs/walks around a person.I'm trying to learn how to do that with my homemade glidecam but it is so hard. it... more


What's the problem with my DSLR camera viewfinder? (please read the description))

I have a Nikon D3200. I just noticed that its viewfinder is blurry to my eyes and adjusting the diopter didn't help at all. Now here is the weird thing; I took some pictures of the viewfinder with... more


How to get the Cinematic look?

With most movies, you can tell at a glance, if it is (or supposed to be) a blockbuster or not, by how the image looks.Even some American TV-series look better (in my oppinion) than most european... more

Why is my Sony Alpha 6000 not synchronzing with other recorders?

Using a Canon 70D and a couple stand-alone audio recorders, I have no trouble matching footage between the different devices.With the Sony Alpha 6000, I can't line them up on the Premiere timeline:... more


What is "antibanding" in photographing?

What is *"antibanding"* in photography? I read this term in Android documentation for the [android.hardware.Camera.Parameters.setAntibanding()][1] method. [1]:... more

T5i video quality doesn't even match smartphone camera? Where can I improve?

A friend wanted to make some professional looking videos for a weekly vlog type of thing for his church. We went into this planning to buy a better camera and lights etc as we go.We filmed a video... more


White balance gains on iOS not independent?

I am attempting to manually control the white balance via iOS 8.2 on an iPhone 5S. I am using... more

What equipment should I get for starting out making professional quality films?

I want to start two short film projects but I don't know what equipment I need to get a good professional quality result. I've been saving some money so I hope budget is not a problem. Also, what's... more


Sony Handycam HDR-CX210 Creates JPGs Frequently While Shooting Video?

I have a Sony Handycam HDR-CX210, and I shot 10 minutes of footage continuously tonight. When I imported it into my PC, the Handycam's memory also included 80-ish JPG images that were stills from... more

Light measuring in android?

I’m trying to get a uniformed value that indicates a light level from the Android back (main) camera. I’m using several Android devices and the object captured is absolutely static (same object... more

UHS1 vs. Class 10 sd card (Samsung dv100)?

Looking to buy a new memory card for my Samsung dv100.After reading the manual, asking samsung support and searching the web,I still don't understand whether buying UHS1 card is an "overkill" for... more

Is there any advantage in stacking multiple images vs a single long exposure?

Suppose I have a source object that is not time varying, to be concrete let's say it's a galaxy. Is there anything additional that can be learned or done with multiple short exposure images of... more
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DX lens on a DX camera?

Hi! My question is: If I have a Nikon D3300 (DX format camera) with a 18-55 mm kit lens (DX lens), do the crop factor (1,5x) apply here? I mean I know that, if I would use a FX lens on my camera... more

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