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Encoding English


I need help with this code i ended up with, i cant solve this from my own.

I just got a morse got sent from my friend, i translated it and it was hiding a binary code, but when i tried to translate the binary code its just shows an unkown text i haven't seen before, or i... more

For a given bitrate, what video resolution is perceived as the highest quality?

I'd like to achieve certain approximate bitrate for video encoding. If I use higher resolution like 720p, I'll get more fine-grained image, but more encoding artifacts. If I use smaller resolution... more


Creating menu for a video file (not for DVD)?

I need to create a menu for a video, which will be written onto a disk not in a DVD format, but as a single file (f.e. mp4). The problem is that programs such as Adobe Encore are not able (as far... more


How do I speedup encoding of a video that has just 1 static frame with ffmpeg and lib264 library?

I'm making mp4 (libx264 + aac) videos that have just one static image throughout the whole video. It's basically a narrated text with a nice background.The question I've is how could I speed up... more


Why is Adobe Media Encoder so slow?

I have a 2.5 hour corporate event that I edited in Premiere Pro. There are AE clips, sound, imported video, the works. When I run it out to AME, the source resolution is 1440x1080 and I am... more

8bit vs 10bit vs 12bit?

I do a lot of HEVC encoding and what I've read is 10bit is always better than 8bit, **even from an 8bit source**, because it avoids rounding errors. Is that true?Also, then is 12bit better than... more

Does repeatedly saving a video degrade its quality?

I take a video file, let's say an mp4, and use, let's say Windows Movie Maker, to repeatedly just save it, with no edits. Every time, the software has to convert the video into a format it can... more

Adobe After Effects MP4 Export Issue?

I'm trying to export a composition from Adobe After Effects. My Comp is 1280x720, and ideally I'd export with an mp4 container, and h264 video codec. Problem is, After Effects is giving me a PAR... more


utf-8 / utf-16 conversion?

When I design a html page in Dreamweaver CS6 I use its validation tool (it sends the code to w3c) and I get no errors. However, when I validate the same page in UltraEdit 21 (it uses HTML Tidy) I... more

H.265 disadvantages with video dimensions not multiple of 8?

Are there any disadvantages (like worse image quality/more compression artefacts) when encoding a video in H.265 with dimensions that are not a multiple of 16 or 8, but instead a multiple of 4 or... more

Is it worth re-encoding GoPro footage to H.265?

Considering that I'm not a professional editor and only record some random skateboard, snowboard or just some travel footage around with my GoPro Session 4, is re-encoding to H.265 to save storage... more

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