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DSLR RAW video: 1080p or 720p?

This question has probably been asked before, but could not find it. With the possibility of recording RAW video on a DSLR, file size matters because CF cards are limited. File size can be reduced... more


What is a circular motion around a object called when filming?

You know that camera technique when the camera operator usually have a steadicam and runs/walks around a person.I'm trying to learn how to do that with my homemade glidecam but it is so hard. it... more


Video archive solution?

We are a community TV station, looking to improve our video archive. Currently we archive our master files on external drives. But to make the archive easier to access, both for saving and... more


Does 60 fps make sense for YouTube?

YouTube says one should upload videos in the frame rate in which the video has been recorded. But if I have yet to record, what frame rate should I choose?I noted that videos downloaded from... more


Transferring old metal particle Hi8 tapes?

Recently I was playing a Hi8 tape from 1998, when I tried rewinding and rewatching a part (stopping the tape, before rewinding). The part of the tape I had just watched was highly distorted and... more


Change sequence frame size Final Cut Express 4?

I have a sequence in Final Cut Express 4 that has 1080p video in it, but when I export it, it exports as 720p video, because the sequence settings are set to 720p video. How do I change the frame... more


Adding a time stamp to a video?

Anyone know of a program that will add a visible date and time stamp to a video file? Preferably, I can just put in the start time of the video and it will just keep incrementing the time as the... more


Best value video cameras as of 2014?

I could always google lists and such but nothing can beat legitimate suggestions and reviews from video professionals. I'm looking to produce music videos in the next months/years and I need a good... more


Video format with dynamic resolution?

Are there any video formats that change resolution per frame and with different resolutions at different parts of the screen?All videos I know today they have fixed resolution.For video blogs I... more


How can one disable power aperture for video shooting with the Nikon D750?

I'm using a lens with an aperture ring that allows changing the aperture in a smooth, continuous manner.* I've set up the D750 to allow me to use the aperture ring on the lens to change the... more


How can I make a video such that the quality degrades if someone tries to record it using screen recording software?

How can I make a video such that the quality degrades if someone tries to record it using cam-studio or similar software? We create music videos which are often subjected to piracy. Although the... more


Why does my still camera stop recording video on its own?

I have a Nikon s3300 and wish to take video at a concert however no matter what card I put in the available time says 8min and 11 seconds. Am I doing something wrong or is there a way to fix this.


fps resampling dilema?

I want to mix some vacation clips into a single video. The sources I have are:- 48 fps- 25 fpsI don't care whether the end result will be at `24` or `25` fps but I do want to maintain the best... more


Tips for making multiple video shoots appear Continuous in color?

I'm brand new to video production, but I'm finding that when splicing some clips together in the NLE captured with my GH1 camera, there can often be very jarring jumps in the color, white balance,... more


The ProRes of Premiere Pro?

I'm going to be editing more and more DSLR videos, most notably music videos for my band as we start releasing singles and want to know if there is an intermediate format for both cutting and... more


Free software to synchronize audio and video recorded at the same time?

So I just filmed something using two webcams and a separate audio recorder. This means I have 3 files, 2 video, 1 audio and they all need to be synced and then I need some sort of software which... more


Best file format workflow for Final Cut Pro 7 on Maveriks?

i am having problems exporting my project in Final Cut Pro 7.All the clips i am working on are mov in h.264.I want to export correctly a master file, that will be converted in web format, hd...... more


Why does all timecode start at 1 hour? (01:00:00:00)?

Is there a reason timecode in Final Cut 7 and timecode in Pro Tools starts at the 1 hour mark? eg. 01:00:00:00? As opposed to all zeros? Some old broadcast standard that I don't know about?


How should I mic dance instructors when video recording?

I will be filming dance 1-3 instructors who will be teaching to the camera, without other people in the room. They will be moving, sometimes quickly while talking (but in a confined area... more


How to film a moving bike on a budget?

I have been tasked with filming a new road bike for casual cyclists. We have a rather low budget. Does anyone have any tips on how to deliver quality footage without spending too much money? I'm am... more


How do I remove night footage from 300 days of Time lapse video?

I want to remove night footage from a Timelapse video of construction over 300 days. So I want to remove 300 nights from this video. How do I do it in an easier way? Is there a option to cut video... more


How to detect whether a video is shaky?

I need to stabilize a video only when the video is shaky , I have succesfully stabilized a video using ffmpeg and I do not need to stabilize all the videos , I only need to stabilize the videos... more


Batch processing individual frames into video?

I’m new at video editing… and hoping someone can direct me to the best software for my needs.Running on windows OS. I need to build a video from frames in tga format, convert them in different... more


Bulk/Mass Edit Video Audio?

I have 100 videos that need editing so that I can level the and amplify the audio track. However I do not want to have to extract the mp3 track from each one and edit it then merge it again with... more


Effective working at audio/video editing sessions (avoid fatigue making steady progress)?

**Background**I've just completed an editing project to produce video highlights of an awards evening for my local community radio station. It was a voluntary non-paid project and I'm very pleased... more

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