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How do I edit video footage from an interview?

I was asked to produce a set of video interviews for a friend's wedding consisting of individual single-subject interviews (the interviewer is not on camera or mic) with the bride, groom, close... more


How do I film a friend's wedding?

My friend asked me to video tape his wedding. I have minimal experience behind a video camera but I'm comfortable with technology. I'm mostly looking for **composition and logistical advice** on... more


Is it possible to hook up an external mic to a Nikon D90 to get better sound for video?

I'm getting bad sound quality on video taken with my NIKON D90. I think the mic is bad so I need to know if it is possible to plug a microphone into it some how?


Why filmmaking with DSLR?

Adding video feature to digital camera was for their popular applications, as unprofessional users wanted to have both photography and videography at the same time. Professional cameras were... more


What is the name of that color test in video production with the beep?

What is the name of those colour test screens at the beginning of videos? I've used it before in Final Cut Pro but I forget what it's called.Thanks.


supply video files to editor in another country?

My editor is moving from Los Angeles (where I live) to Canada. Is there a common, reliable, cheap way for me to supply large video files (up to 10 GB) to him? I don't have much of a budget, and I... more


What would a video look like without the shutter separating frames?

If the shutter wasn't in the picture, what would you get? Are there any examples of this available? I've searched, but couldn't come up with anything. Is this an impossible thing? Or are the... more


How to learn to produce documentaries?

I have several ideas for documentaries. None of them involve any fancy production or cinematographic techniques. Most of it would be interviewing people and simple camera works along with... more


How to shoot a party scene with few people?

I have about 7 people and need to give the feel of 20. I'm using a long lens, any tips or solutions?


Convert a 60 fps video to a 24 (film) video - is it possible?

This may not be as simple a problem as it may seem at first, so read carefully.When I set my (Canon 60D, but this doesn't really matter at all) camera to record at 24 fps (I think it's actually... more


How to upload 1hr video to YouTube from fcpx?

What is best way to upload longer (1hr plus) videos to youtube from fcpx. Currently my fcpx compresses a 1 hr video to 4.5GB and this takes 7000min to upload....


how to burn full hd movies (1080px720p) in DVD?

How can i burn or write Full HD videos like (marriage videos) in 1080px720p in regular DVD. I tried many softwares but couldn't get the job done.


Which member of the crew is responsible to fill in the continuity sheet?

On a micro-budget production, considering the lack of a large crew with highly specialized jobs/titles, which of a maximum of three potential crew members would be responsible for doing the... more


Fixing a badly telecined 8mm film digitization?

I had some old 8mm (16fps) and Super-8 (18fps) film transfered to HD video (1080p30). Since the video is 30fps, they telecined it, duplicating frames. The telecine pattern (from looking at the... more


H.265 disadvantages with video dimensions not multiple of 8?

Are there any disadvantages (like worse image quality/more compression artefacts) when encoding a video in H.265 with dimensions that are not a multiple of 16 or 8, but instead a multiple of 4 or... more


Metal particle Hi8 tape degradation?

Recently I was playing a Hi8 tape from 1998, when I tried rewinding and rewatching a part (stopping the tape, before rewinding). The part of the tape I had just watched was highly distorted and... more


What is the difference between 'Set To Frame Size' and 'Scale To Frame Size'?

In Premiere Pro CC; what is the difference between 'Set To Frame Size' and 'Scale To Frame Size'? I need to blow up a video to fill a larger frame. I am going from SD 720x480 to HD 720x1280 frame... more


Simple way of clipping video files?

What is a simple way of extracting a video clip from, say, an .avi file? An example: I only want between 1:05 and 1:35 of this video, and I want to save the clip as its own file. I have been using... more


Why does editing a video by Adobe Premiere Pro more than once decreases its quality?

For example: On first edit, I decreased the speed of video and saved it. Then again I imported it and made some other changes, like brightness adjustment, and saved. When I check the final file,... more


Why do pro cameras still need to pull focus?

Big productions using pro cinema cameras (RED Weapon etc...) still use manual focus and still have someone who's sole job is just to pull focus for a camera.With today's technology, I would always... more


Mass Video Trimming?

I have a bunch of videos created with a 10 second intro in the front of each of them. They are all MP4 and basically I want to trim the first 10 seconds off each video. Is there a piece of software... more


Animation over video?

I have a video of a guy doing push ups. On that video I want to be able to draw some lines showing what angles the arms should be at when the guy is down and up. The lines should follow the guy on... more


Recommendation to Shooting Long Videos?

I'm seeking recommendations on how to shoot a long lecture by a guest speaker that is coming to town. I currently own a Canon t4i. My main question is what do I need to avoid my camera from... more


What is the difference between an amateur and a professional camcorder?

It is known that professional photographers use SLRs & regular users use point & shoot camera. What kind of cameras do professional videographers use & whats the difference?


Using technically impossible shutter speed when shooting video?

I have a question about the video mode of my DSLR.When i record i can set the frame rage (e.g. 25 fps). In that setting my DSLR should take 25 images within 1 second.In manual (or "s" mode) mode i... more

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