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Can modern cameras (BMCC, Red, Arri, etc) record to a drive over ad-hoc wifi?

Is there a solution that bifurcates drives and camera bodies?At first glance it seems feasible that camera bodies could be equipped with 802.11ac mimo and transmit the raw image data to a drive at... more


Should I shoot at 1080p if I intend to use 720p on the web?

I'm filming video that will only be viewed on the web at 720p, I'm considering shooting in 1080p in case in future I need to up the quality. I'm going to use 720p at present to keep streaming costs... more


After Effects quality drops?

I am trying to make a animation. There is a 3D animation which is sharp, I need to put some layers over it with descriptions about some parts that are shown.The original video is extremly sharp,... more


How can I record audio & video synced with another audio file?

I want to record a drum cover. I have three input sources: a camera, the output of my electronic drum kit (computer registers it as a microphone), and an existing audio file (the song). I want to... more


Advice on shooting 1st Person POV restaurant scene?

I have an upcoming shoot where I will need to capture a restaurant scene in first person point-of-view. It seems pretty straight-forward, but I want to make sure it truly looks like the subject's... more


How does green screening work with green objects?

A question that has been on my mind for so long is: How exactly does green screening work with an object to vanish? Short example: Normal green screens as a background are replaced with an image... more


I need to recover a video? How?

So my video just got deleted and deleted from the “recently deleted” file and my back-up 5gigs memory ran out a couple weeks ago so I don’t think it’s backed up is there any other way to recover a... more


Is the new GoPro any good for low budget documentaries?

I am planning to do a legacy video/ documentary series from/ for my family for my grandpa's 5th anniversary of his death. He was a great story teller and loved to share his anecdotes with everyone.... more


why is it best to use a normal lens angle to move the camera viewpoint rather than just zooming in

why is it best to use a normal lens angle to move the camera viewpoint rather than just zooming in
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