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Extract person from video?

Is there a way to extract a person from a video without having a blue- (or green-)screen?Any software which can do this?


fix a few videos with bad white balance?

I have a few video that i made with my olympus though and i made the mistake of not setting my white balance to sunny (or auto)it was set to incandescent while being outdoor scenes.now I got a few... more


Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 super laggy playback?

I don't know how can this be happening, I built a $1500 computer just to edit videos and apparently I can't even edit 1080p properly...Why is Premiere pro struggling with 60fps 1080p videos?... more


Does repeatedly saving a video degrade its quality?

I take a video file, let's say an mp4, and use, let's say Windows Movie Maker, to repeatedly just save it, with no edits. Every time, the software has to convert the video into a format it can... more
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Creating a split screen video of a multitrack recording?

It's fairly common to see videos in which, to accompany a piece of music created using overdubs, we see a split screen showing the artist performing each overdub.What functions, in which software,... more


Bulk/Mass Edit Video Audio?

I have 100 videos that need editing so that I can level the and amplify the audio track. However I do not want to have to extract the mp3 track from each one and edit it then merge it again with... more


Adobe Premiere preview video lagging?

I am attempting to edit video in Adobe Premiere CS6. When I create a sequence and try to play it back in the preview screen, the video is extremely choppy, which makes editing very difficult (dance... more


Use of big name apps in a commercial video projects?

Does anyone know the legal side of including obvious brands such as Facebook/Instagram in commercial video projects? Or replicating a Facebook messenger motion graphic? For example, visuals of... more


how to burn full hd movies (1080px720p) in DVD?

How can i burn or write Full HD videos like (marriage videos) in 1080px720p in regular DVD. I tried many softwares but couldn't get the job done.


Why does editing a video by Adobe Premiere Pro more than once decreases its quality?

For example: On first edit, I decreased the speed of video and saved it. Then again I imported it and made some other changes, like brightness adjustment, and saved. When I check the final file,... more

Video production basics for a noob?

I am an iOS developer who wants to create a mobile app for video editing. But I do not know the basic terminology and functionality of video editing and production. Terms like video scrubbing,... more

Can Sony Vegas Pro be used or compared to the output produced by Final Cut Pro for professional use?

I am a PC user and use Sony Vegas Pro. I really like it for editing purposes. I do not like Adobe Premier or Avid which work on Windows and believe that the top 3 tools are AVID, Sony Vegas, and... more

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