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Why is Adobe Media Encoder so slow?

I have a 2.5 hour corporate event that I edited in Premiere Pro. There are AE clips, sound, imported video, the works. When I run it out to AME, the source resolution is 1440x1080 and I am... more


How does shutter speed affect the video?

As shutter speed affects the coming light on sensor.But has it any affect on movement of subjects in video?


How to create and film ghost special effects?

I need to film a piece that is supernatural in nature and has several characters that are ghosts. I've thought of numerous ways of accomplishing this but would like some suggestions on which would... more


Are there any good video editing programs with a command line interface?

I am currently looking for a video editing program which I can control via the command line. The main feature I need is the ability to add some overlay text. Is there anything out there that can do... more


Can you create a VR video that makes use of positional tracking?

To my understanding there are basically 4 types of video:1. Ordinary 2D videos - these can be viewed by pretty much any device that has a screen2. 360 videos - these can be viewed by any... more


What's the best way to record a skype conversation?

I need to record a skype conversation and upload it to youtube (it's a live conference and the other party asked for it). Can I record a skype conversation? What would be the best way in terms of... more


Good learning resources for 'non-technical' aspects of filmmaking?

I am a relative newcomer to video production but have a background in still photography. This means that I have a good understanding of things like ISO/aperture/shutter speeds/resolution/etc. (and... more


How to fade in/out a video/audio clip with unknown duration?

I'm working on a project where I'm using ffmpeg to batch convert some video files, and adding fade in/out effects at the head and tail of each clip.I've been using this bit of code to add the... more


How to connect a camera to a computer 100ft away?

We are trying to live stream our worship service on Sunday morning. We have located an ideal spot for the video camera. Unfortunately it is 100 ft away from the sound and network connections which... more


Video Subtitles Specification [CHK and PAC]?

I'm wondering if any of you have experience dealing with CHK and PAC subtitles.I'm working on a project (from a software point of view) and we need to open these subtitles and convert them into a... more


What can cause poor quality video in Canon point&shoot camera?

I recorded some videos from my superzoom compact camera Canon Powershot SX150 IS. When I run these videos on camera itself, they run fine. But when I move them on PC and run it, I can see it being... more


Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Crop a video and export at the exact cropped size?

I have a video that has 4 up-down-left-right black borders of different sizes. I want to get rid of these black borders so the exported file has the exact size of the cropped area.To do this, I... more


Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 super laggy playback?

I don't know how can this be happening, I built a $1500 computer just to edit videos and apparently I can't even edit 1080p properly...Why is Premiere pro struggling with 60fps 1080p videos?... more


Tips to make professional looking hand-held videos using smart phones?

Phone Model I have: Nokia 808 PureViewfps available: 15, 24, 25 30720p & 1080p videos can be recorded using this phone.I am trying to make videos using hand-held techniques. But whatever I... more


What lighting setup is recommended for filming a presenter in front of a TV screen?

i will be filming a presenter in front of a 48" TV with graphics on it. The presenter will be pointing at the graphics at times to explain certain things.We will be doing this in a tiny studio on a... more


GoPro looping settings?

I'm using my GoPro Hero3 White as a dashcam.Setting it to overwrite files, I encountered 2 strange things: 1. 5min settings give me 1min files, and 20min settings give 5min files. 2. The counter... more


Filming in a house of mirrors?

How do they film in a house of mirrors? Obviously the reflection of the cameras would be seen.Do they use a green screen and a lot of editing?I really don't know anything about video production,... more


Does 4K impact quality when filming in low light? (other parameters being equal)?

I'm wondering if **filming with a 4K camera, possibly downsizing to Full HD, will give better detail than filming with a Full HD camera** (other parameters being equals).Sub-question (maybe I... more


Why does Canon 600D/T3i video quality drop dramatically once it's recorded — in comparison to what I see in Live-View w/ Digital Zoom?

I have a low-light situation with a lot of small details and diagonal lines. When I look at the scene with digital zoom in Live View mode I see some grain but I see all the details and can clearly... more


How can I merge/link two video clips in Premiere?

Every time I search this problem in Google the only options are how to link audio clips to video or how to sync audio to video clips.I need to combine/link/merge a picture to a video clip, so that... more


8bit vs 10bit vs 12bit?

I do a lot of HEVC encoding and what I've read is 10bit is always better than 8bit, **even from an 8bit source**, because it avoids rounding errors. Is that true?Also, then is 12bit better than... more


Does repeatedly saving a video degrade its quality?

I take a video file, let's say an mp4, and use, let's say Windows Movie Maker, to repeatedly just save it, with no edits. Every time, the software has to convert the video into a format it can... more


Caught between gamma and brightness?

I have a video source that, to my surprise, has a lot more detail than I could at first see. Turning down gamma I could see details in a bright part, turning up gamma I could see details in a... more


Adobe After Effects MP4 Export Issue?

I'm trying to export a composition from Adobe After Effects. My Comp is 1280x720, and ideally I'd export with an mp4 container, and h264 video codec. Problem is, After Effects is giving me a PAR... more


Why do weathermen and amateurs use green screens when professional movie makers use blue screens?

I've seen a lot of "low budget" green screen setups. However, when I watch things about professional filmmaking, it seems everyone is using blue screens instead. (e.g. I've seen Industrial Light... more

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