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Why does Canon 600D/T3i video quality drop dramatically once it's recorded — in comparison to what I see in Live-View w/ Digital Zoom?

I have a low-light situation with a lot of small details and diagonal lines. When I look at the scene with digital zoom in Live View mode I see some grain but I see all the details and can clearly... more

How to film a moving bike on a budget?

I have been tasked with filming a new road bike for casual cyclists. We have a rather low budget. Does anyone have any tips on how to deliver quality footage without spending too much money? I'm am... more


What's the problem with my DSLR camera viewfinder? (please read the description))

I have a Nikon D3200. I just noticed that its viewfinder is blurry to my eyes and adjusting the diopter didn't help at all. Now here is the weird thing; I took some pictures of the viewfinder with... more


Why filmmaking with DSLR?

Adding video feature to digital camera was for their popular applications, as unprofessional users wanted to have both photography and videography at the same time. Professional cameras were... more

In what aspect ratio shoud one record with a DSLR?

This Question is not about what aspect ratio should be chosen for the final film, it's rather about how to get the biggest "resolution" capable of the cammera.When you take a photo with a Modern... more

Advice on shooting 1st Person POV restaurant scene?

I have an upcoming shoot where I will need to capture a restaurant scene in first person point-of-view. It seems pretty straight-forward, but I want to make sure it truly looks like the subject's... more
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DX lens on a DX camera?

Hi! My question is: If I have a Nikon D3300 (DX format camera) with a 18-55 mm kit lens (DX lens), do the crop factor (1,5x) apply here? I mean I know that, if I would use a FX lens on my camera... more

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