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Conversion Physics Acceleration


if i drop a ball out of a window that is 5.00m above ground, how long will it take to hit the ground? what is the acceleration of a north moving truck slowing down?

what is the acceleration of a north moving truck slowing down?what is the direction of acceleration of an eastward moving sprinter speeding up?how fast is 337m/s in mph?


How to batch process hundreds of videos?

I have hundreds of videos in storage I need to distribute online. I'd like to do the following for each clip:1. Add a pre-roll video2. Process the audio (audio leveling, generic hiss/noise... more


How were missionaries able to convert native populations?

What made it possible for Christian missionnaires to convert natives of America, Africa and Asia to another religion despite the fact that they already had beliefs and gods ?


How should I convert Markdown (or similar) to a Word Document?

Here's the deal: In school I want to write my actual content in Markdown (using Q10 or Notepad++) so that I can actually focus on writing without the ugliness of Word 2000 on my screen, but I have... more


Batch convert Word documents to PDFs?

How do I batch convert many Word documents and have them saved as [originalfilename].pdf?

My converted videos look bad... what am I doing wrong?

I am a software developer. I understand the video concepts, but I am no expert.I have a Sony Action Cam AS-15. It records ate 1080/60fps/25Kbitrate. The 60FPS videos just dont; play smooth... more

How to digitise old NTSC home videos for highest quality (with PAL player)?

I have some old VHS home videos that I'd like to digitise to preserve them, and I'm looking for the "best" way to do that with my setup. The videos were recorded around 1990, in the USA. I'd say... more
Conversion Algebra 1


Math Algebra Conversion

What is the expense of sodding a plot of ground 45 yards long and 95 feet wide with sods 15 inches by 14 inches? The sods when laid cost $15.00 per hundred. What is the expense?
Conversion Linux Microsoft Word Pdf


How to convert Word (doc) to PDF in linux?

I have a set of files in **.doc** format, that need to be converted to **.pdf** format. I am using Ubuntu linux.
Conversion Arabic Religion Salat


Is using Arabic when you dont understand it an innovation or a real part of the religion?

As a convert this was my first serious question. I just convinced myself that Islam is closer to the straight path than Christianity which meant that a lot of people have added to the religion.... more


Does transcoding always mean quality loss?

Can I transcode video from h.265 to h.264 without loosing quality?My instinct is that it should be fine, that with approximate quality settings the new files will be the same quality but larger... more
Conversion Algebra 1 Finance


how to convert the # below

received a cost of $0.00008475 - USWhat does this represent in respect to $1 (one dollar - US)


Molarity Conversion

If 38.17 mL of 0.1072 M NaOH is required to titrate a 15.00 mL sample of sulfuric acid, what is the molarity of the acid? Equation: H2SO4 + 2 OH^1- = 2 H2O + SO4^2- Show all work.


129 ounces = how many pounds and how many ounces

has to do with conversion and I suck at it


5 pounds 1 ounce = Ounces

has to do with conversion and I suck at it...plz help


9 1/2 pounds to ounces

has to do with conversion and I suck at it


9 3/4 lb= oz...How many ounces once converted and simplified

We are doing conversion and the fractions are confusing me when we convert


Acres•feet per day

The Chippewa River flows at 945 ft³ per second what is the discharge in acres times feet per day?  1 acre = 43560ft2


Convert 250mg in 5ml to mg in 1ml

Please convert the above drug calculation


Swimming pool yard

A swimmer has been using a pool with a 50 yard length. How many lengths would the swimmer need to do in the 25 m length pool to equal 10 lengths in the 50 yard pool? (1 yard = 0.9144 metres)


divide 1 pt into 4 cups

divide 1 pt into 4 cups then equally divide the quotient into ounces


A movie is 3 hours long if this duration is multiplied by the conversion factor 60min/1hr how will the length of the movie be expressed?

I just need help doing this question because I don't get it. If you can teach me steps of how to do it that would be helpful.

How much .2 M NaOH would you need to add to neutralize 30mL of .5 M HCl

How much .2 M NaOH would you need to add to neutralize 30mL of .5 M HCl


Vehicle can travel 704 kilometres on 45 litres, so how far can it travel on 22 litres of petrol?

How far can it travel on 22 litres of petrol?

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