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Ultralight image stabilizer?

Recently I took a video in a remote cave. Thanks to my 320 lumen headlamp there was a reasonable amount of continuous light for my DSLR, but the shaking is just too strong. The image stabilization... more
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How much recording time at 1080p30 on a 32GB card on a GoPro Hero (1)?

Is there a generic data recording rate for the different capture options on GoPro Heroes? I'm trying to determine what size of SD card I should buy for my GoPro and I'd like to get an... more


Writing to multiple memory cards on a canon 5d mark iii whilst filming?

Hi i have a canon 5d mark ii and it has 2 slots for memory cards one cf and one sd.I'm planning on doing some filming outdoors so was wondering if the CF card is full will it automatically start... more
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What is the max video fps Nikon D5100?

I want to play around with slo-mo videos but don't have proper gear for it. Is there a way to get my D5100 to shoot at a high fps (maybe by reducing the video res)?


Blackmagic setup: How do I record all cameras in a multicam broadcast?

I've been tasked with acquiring equipment to broadcast a festival through online stream, and have decided that blackmagic may be a good direction to go, so I'm going to strictly reference their... more
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Does it make sense to upgrade my set up to 4K from a (Canon) 70D set up?

I'm not very experienced, but I keep hearing, "it's a good time to upgrade to a 4K setup". This is quite expensive, especially at this stage, but does it make sense from a logistical point of view?... more
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Compare an original video with a transferred video?

I want to compare an original video with the same video but transferred through a device. How can I do that? I want to compare them to improve the transferred video quality.The video is transferred... more
Video Recording Video Production


1080/25p bitrate 15.7Mbps vs 10.4Mbps?

In Nikox Coolpix compact camera there are two video modes for 1080/25p so they have the same number of pixels, aspect ratio and number of frames per seconds. The only difference is bitrate 15.7Mbps... more


What are a Gimbal and Tripod used for?

I'm a beginner in film making, and trying to take footage with my smartphones. To make it more professional, I'm thinking of using a Tripod or Gimbal stabilizer to create non shaky video. I think... more


Why recording a still image using a mobile camera is taking up more space?

I know basic video compression technique .In that it reduces spatial redundancy and temporal redundancy.If it is so why recorsing still image using camera takes more space.Why compression technique... more
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Can you create a VR video that makes use of positional tracking?

To my understanding there are basically 4 types of video:1. Ordinary 2D videos - these can be viewed by pretty much any device that has a screen2. 360 videos - these can be viewed by any... more


What's the best way to record a skype conversation?

I need to record a skype conversation and upload it to youtube (it's a live conference and the other party asked for it). Can I record a skype conversation? What would be the best way in terms of... more
Video Recording Microsoft Windows Windows Video


Webcam recording software for Windows?

Can anyone recommend software that will allow you to record video from a webcam? ***Requirements:*** - Windows 7 compatible - Saves the video in a common video format, such as AVI, MPEG, MP4,... more


Tips to make professional looking hand-held videos using smart phones?

Phone Model I have: Nokia 808 PureViewfps available: 15, 24, 25 30720p & 1080p videos can be recorded using this phone.I am trying to make videos using hand-held techniques. But whatever I... more
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Why does Canon 600D/T3i video quality drop dramatically once it's recorded — in comparison to what I see in Live-View w/ Digital Zoom?

I have a low-light situation with a lot of small details and diagonal lines. When I look at the scene with digital zoom in Live View mode I see some grain but I see all the details and can clearly... more


Does 60 fps make sense for YouTube?

YouTube says one should upload videos in the frame rate in which the video has been recorded. But if I have yet to record, what frame rate should I choose?I noted that videos downloaded from... more
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Best value video cameras as of 2014?

I could always google lists and such but nothing can beat legitimate suggestions and reviews from video professionals. I'm looking to produce music videos in the next months/years and I need a good... more
Video Recording Video Production Nikon


How can one disable power aperture for video shooting with the Nikon D750?

I'm using a lens with an aperture ring that allows changing the aperture in a smooth, continuous manner.* I've set up the D750 to allow me to use the aperture ring on the lens to change the... more
Video Recording Video Production Video Nikon


Why does my still camera stop recording video on its own?

I have a Nikon s3300 and wish to take video at a concert however no matter what card I put in the available time says 8min and 11 seconds. Am I doing something wrong or is there a way to fix this.
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How should I mic dance instructors when video recording?

I will be filming dance 1-3 instructors who will be teaching to the camera, without other people in the room. They will be moving, sometimes quickly while talking (but in a confined area... more


How can I replicate C-LOG in a Canon DSLR?

I shoot almost all my video footage on Canon DSLRs (APS-C sensors if this makes any difference). I know that true C-LOG isn't available on DSLRs and I've seen many sites that claim to sell "C-LOG"... more


Use of big name apps in a commercial video projects?

Does anyone know the legal side of including obvious brands such as Facebook/Instagram in commercial video projects? Or replicating a Facebook messenger motion graphic? For example, visuals of... more


Recommendation to Shooting Long Videos?

I'm seeking recommendations on how to shoot a long lecture by a guest speaker that is coming to town. I currently own a Canon t4i. My main question is what do I need to avoid my camera from... more
Video Recording Video Production Camera Sync


Why is my Sony Alpha 6000 not synchronzing with other recorders?

Using a Canon 70D and a couple stand-alone audio recorders, I have no trouble matching footage between the different devices.With the Sony Alpha 6000, I can't line them up on the Premiere timeline:... more


How to record a video with different background without having a green screen?

I'm wondering if there is a way to change the video background while recording with a different background , It doesn't have to be chosen by me , Just a different background .Is that's possible?

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