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how can you make math seem fun when you are trying to each someone?

I am 13 and i am trying to help my friend out with her math because she is teaching me art.


Dear T:

What I find works is using a variety of techniques such as colorful yarn to help figure out the shapes, sizes or angles of a figure or using markers or colored pencils or crayons to help visualize an amount of something. Lets say you are asked to do review your basic multiplication tables and you don't know or forgot what 9x3 is: you can get out a box of 24 count crayons make 2 rows of 9 and 1 row of 6 crayons and 3 pencils  count it all out and you get 27 for your answer. You can to the same with division only you take some away. 

T-  I have never had fun at anything about which I did not smile and whatever I do (including Math), I smile...which makes me laugh...and therefore its fun!!

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If your friend likes art, you can use that to motivate discussions about math.  For instance symmetry is a concept that has a lot of art application, as do triangles, squares, etc.  It all depends on what subject she is studying.  You can find interesting lesson plans and tools on teacher web sites, which are full of suggestions about how to motivate students.  Try the teacher channel, for instance.

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I think key thing is to realize that math is more than performing calculations and being a series of topics like algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics etc. to wade yourself through while in school. Mathematics encompasses so much more than that. At its heart, it is the science of pattern recognition. It is a language that underpins our understanding of all science. For instance, without the language of mathematics, we would have no real understanding of physics and hence no real understanding of how our Universe works. In so many other areas of science and life, the same can be said.

I would have to ask - is math fun for you? If you can use your imagination to show that how deep mathematics goes, you certainly have the capability of making it fun to learn for your friend.




I love math. I would say its my favorite subject in school.
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You both are young and art is a math too. Art is just not as simplified as math. Visual examples are important. Try baking or cooking or even food from a box, like cereal or goldfish. Use the visual examples to help explain. You can even use them to make art when you are done. It is something to think about.


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When teaching it is important to know how the person learns.  You mentioned that your friend is teaching you art.  Is there a specific style of art that she enjoys?  If she enjoys drawing or painting, you can use that form to show her what the math problem looks like.  Great teaching goes hand in hand with great creativity.  Then you and the person you are teaching have more fun and the lesson sticks longer.

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