T M.

asked • 11/30/12

how can you make math seem fun when you are trying to each someone?

I am 13 and i am trying to help my friend out with her math because she is teaching me art.

Nancy N.

Dear T:

What I find works is using a variety of techniques such as colorful yarn to help figure out the shapes, sizes or angles of a figure or using markers or colored pencils or crayons to help visualize an amount of something. Lets say you are asked to do review your basic multiplication tables and you don't know or forgot what 9x3 is: you can get out a box of 24 count crayons make 2 rows of 9 and 1 row of 6 crayons and 3 pencils  count it all out and you get 27 for your answer. You can to the same with division only you take some away. 



Shawn N.

T-  I have never had fun at anything about which I did not smile and laugh...so whatever I do (including Math), I smile...which makes me laugh...and therefore its fun!!



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T M.

I love math. I would say its my favorite subject in school.


Amy B. answered • 12/29/19

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