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Why does my WIFI keep turning off / disconnecting by itself?

i don't know whether its a adapter problem or my router problem but i keep on disconnecting from my wifi, when i try to reconnect it shows that all the WIFI signals have no signal whats so ever and... more


Professional internet job assistance.....???

I feel like there is a real term for what I am looking for but I am not sure what it is so I'm going to try my best to describe what I mean. A lot of people these days are making money lots of... more


Is lolspeak bad English, or just a different English?

Is lolspeak / internet speak (such as "plz send teh codez") bad English, or a different English? I can't really describe what'd be "bad", but a lack of consistency would be an indicator it's bad.


Question about DDoS...

Hey,I am learning about DDoS attacks and all that kind of stuff, so I've started to gain more questions then answers.This is about UDP TCP layer. Why closed port cannot be attacked? Why filtered... more


When is it acceptable to use Internet abbreviations such as “u” or “r”?

In my business communication over Internet text messengers, for example Google Talk or Skype, I see that many people often use shorten words like _u_ instead of _you_, _r_ instead of _are_ and the... more


Is there a Public Library that lends English Audiobooks?

In germany there are now a plethora of public libraries where I can borrow Audiobooks. I can search and download DRM protected files and can use them for a couple of days or weeks before they get... more


how many gb required to download auto desk 2016 free student version where can i download

how to download auto desk 2016 free student version please help

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