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31 Answered Questions for the topic 9th Grade

9th Grade Math Algebra 2


Write Equation Given Linear Situation

Carter was given a box of assorted chocolates for his birthday. Each night, Carter treated himself to some chocolates. Carter ate 5 chocolates each night and there were originally 30 chocolates in... more
9th Grade Math Geometry


You are given the two points A (1, 4) and B (13, y ). The two points are 13 units apart. What are two possible locations of point B ?

You are given the two points A (1, 4) and B (13, y ). The two points are 13 units apart. What are two possiblelocations of point B ? I'm really confused please help!
9th Grade Math Algebra 1


What is the answer to this?

Solve the system by substitution. Tell whether the system has one solution, infinitely many solutions, or no solutions. 4x + 2y = 7 y = -2x + 3.5
9th Grade Geometry


Help! Geometry!

Given ∠1 ≅ ∠2, finish the proof that m∠1=m∠5.Statement: ∠1 ≅ 2   Reason: Statement: ∠2 ≅ 5   Reason:Statement:         Reason: Transitive property of angle congruenceStatement: m∠1=m∠5 Reason: 
9th Grade Math Algebra 1


Algebra problem..Variables on both sides.. 8x - 7 = 3x - 7 + 5x

I always have trouble with these kinds T^T please help 🙏🏻 Thanks~~
9th Grade Math Math Problem


CUBICS MATH PROBLEM - How do I expand this cubic form?

The questions on the book says: 3. From the cubic form, give your answer in factor form and in expanded form My cubic function/form is: 2(x+1)2 (x-3) 1ST STEP: (solve the square, by re-writing the... more
9th Grade Algebra1


how would i solve this and what method should i use?

A vehicle travels to Sioux Falls with a tailwind averaging 83 mph. Coming back against the same wind the vehicle averages 75 mph. Determine the speed of the vehicle in still air and the speed of... more
9th Grade 9th Grade Algebra


How many hours are in 7 weeks?

In class we are Converting Units using Dimensional Analysis, and i need help with these questions.
9th Grade Geometry Shapes


Finding the volume

The area of the rectangle is 56cm2. The rectangle is the base of a right prism. Find the volume of right prism if the height of the prism is x-2 cm. One long side of the rectangle is x+2 and a... more
9th Grade English Homeschool


What are the responsiblilites of power?

I have this question for my English. I sorta understand it but I need some help with it. Can you explain to me what responsibilities come with power??
9th Grade Math Algebra 1


Solve the system of equations by graphing. Be sure to identify any solution

y = 2x + 1 Y = -4x + 7
9th Grade Math Algerbra


how many of each type of ticket did you sell?

you are selling tickets for a high school ply. student tickets cost $4 and general admission tickets cost $6 . you sell 525 tickets and collect $2876.
9th Grade Math Help


Need help with a couple math problems.

Thanks for the help in advance :)))So basically im having some trouble, But i dont want to just know how to do it i want to know how its done if i got it wrong.. So i have a couple math problems... more
9th Grade Math Algebra


FInd the error in the solution and then solve correctly:

9x+18+3x=1 9x+18=(-2) 9x=(-20) x= (-20/9)
9th Grade Sat Reading Sat


guide/heavy metal: homonym/homograph

i really cant think of the word for these 2 neither can i for the other question
9th Grade


Find the area of the rhombus given that the sides are 10 cm and 2 sides meet at a 45 degrees angle. (please list steps?)

I already know the answer to this question, however I need to know the steps to solve it so I can study.  


How do I replicate this teams of DNA? ATTCGGCAAG?

Super confused 
9th Grade Mat H



Which # is irrational?Question 18 options: √9 2.78 3.1415978... 1/2
9th Grade Geography


The andres region of south america contains one of of the worlds largest rain forest

true of false 

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