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How do you calculate Ideal Body Weight, % weight change and convert kg to pounds?

This is the anorexia case study in my dietetics course. Ms Jones biometric info: Ht 5’5” Wt: 36kgUBW 120 lbs 6 months pta 155lbs >1yr ptaCalculate: weight in lbs._________ IBW___________ %... more

How does an elevated level of parathyroid hormone impact bone health?

There is a relationship between parathyroid hormone, calcium, vitamin D, and phosphorus. Understanding these relationships will lead you to an answer.


Muscle cells serve as a reservoir for which of the following?

2. Muscle cells serve as a reservoir for which of the following?  Fructose  Glucose  Galactose  Raffinose


Which of the following is a characteristic of soluble fiber?

1. Which of the following is a characteristic of soluble fiber?  Dissolves in stomach fluids  Is not a source of calories  Speeds up the movement of waste  Provides bulk for stool formation


What advice might you offer a friend who habitually skips breakfast?

Nutrition Algebra Dietitics


[PART I]Intro. to %Yield, Edible Portion (EP), As Purchased (AP) - Dietitian/Food Service Mgt. Problem

INTRODUCTORY PROBLEM: You purchase 10 lbs. of raw hamburger. When you cook the hamburger the final weight of the hamburger in the pain 8Lbs. hamburger. What percent of the original amount of... more


Skill Building: DASH

Despite his young age, Ruben was recently diagnosed with hypertension. He knows that reducing dietary sodium and increasing dietary potassium can both help to lower his blood pressure. Of the... more
Nutrition Science Biology


Macronutrients meal

Ryan ate a stir-fried meal that consisted of mushrooms, snow peas, and some salt and oil. What macronutrients are primarily found in this meal? starch cellulose chitin lipids proteins
Nutrition Anatomy


What are lipids used for in nutrition?

Please explain what lipids do for organisms versus proteins.


Please solve it

Q.1. Consider the nutrients' concept below and use it to answer question1(a,b)Nutrient Access concept: it is believed that maximum crop growth can be achieved by constantsupply of soil nutrients... more
Nutrition Cooking


Approximately how many grams of sugar in one teaspoon?

Nutrition English


What does “vital losses” mean in the following context:

“Since the metabolic rate is fastest in the morning and slows throughout the day, it is more likely that the calories consumed during breakfast will be utilized by the body and not stored as fat.... more


How do you lose weight?

Give me simple details with simple explanation on how to lose weight. The answer should NOT include the word energy but a simple calculation detailing the proces of how to gain/lose weight.


What are the tradeoffs of eating healthy?

Nutrition Potassium


Do all foods have the same potassium or are there different types

Nutrition Health


Ron wants to make fish for dinner. Which is the healthiest way for him to cook the fish?

A. friedB.baked in cream fishC.grilledD.sauteed in oil
Nutrition Physiology


Is it possible to lose body fat without being in a caloric deficit?

I'm not a student in the matter but have been reading a few books on sports nutrition. I've read that the most optimal zone to use fat as fuel is when the heart is operating between 60% - 70% of... more


Explain why this supplement is a form of nutrition quackery and is an ineffective method of weight loss

LaToya sees an ad for a weight loss supplement with Kim Kardashian saying it helped her lose 10 pounds of fat in just one week. She is tempted because her wedding is coming up, and she wants to... more


The DASH diet recommends four to five servings of fruit and four to five servings of vegetables as well as 30 grams dietary fiber per day.

Fruits and vegetables are beneficial for blood pressure because they are low in sodium, and they contain potassium and fiber. Which fruit or vegetable contains the most amount of fiber per... more

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