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nutrition - fast food

how has fast food affecte4d society today?
Nutrition Biochemistry


Magnesium glycinate and digestion

Does magnesium glycinate split up into magnesium and glycine after digestion or does the magnesium-amino-acid-bond remain intact?


What type of animal produces a commonly found milk that is easily digested by felis catus (otherwise known as the common house cat)?

NEVER give a cat cow milk or cow's milk products! They cannot properly digest the high levels of lactose (lactose intolerance). Feeding cow's milk to cats will lead to diarrhea, horrible... more


What is the importance of nutrition in our bodies ?



How to write a cover letter to a client trying to build muscle, who has celiac disease?

How to write a cover letter to a client trying to build muscle, who has celiac disease?Please include the following:a.      An explanation of the client's nutritional needs, based on his specific... more


____ encourage the growth of good bacteria in the large intestines and an example of a good bacteria is ____

a) probiotics, salmonellab) prebiotics, salmonellac) prebiotics, lactobacillusd) probiotics, lactobacillus
Nutrition Bodybuilding Fitness


What supplements have been shown effective during training?

There are numerous supplements available without regulation. What supplements have research-supported evidence to be effective and SAFE to use?


_________ is the ingredient which tenderizes and helps the cake to brown.


How do you calculate Ideal Body Weight, % weight change and convert kg to pounds?

This is the anorexia case study in my dietetics course. Ms Jones biometric info: Ht 5’5” Wt: 36kgUBW 120 lbs 6 months pta 155lbs >1yr ptaCalculate: weight in lbs._________ IBW___________ %... more


What is your opinion in the article of Onion peel tea ameliorates obesity and affects blood parameters in a mouse model of high‑fat‑diet‑induced obesity?

Link of article- https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3881067/
Nutrition Mnt


Registered dietitian question MNT clinical

patient admitted: 80 kg Usual body weight 77 (Na: 129 Osm 268 L urine sodium normalwhich is true?1. patient has renal failure 2. The patient is in cardiac failure3. The patient should restrict... more

How does an elevated level of parathyroid hormone impact bone health?

There is a relationship between parathyroid hormone, calcium, vitamin D, and phosphorus. Understanding these relationships will lead you to an answer.


Muscle cells serve as a reservoir for which of the following?

2. Muscle cells serve as a reservoir for which of the following?  Fructose  Glucose  Galactose  Raffinose


Which of the following is a characteristic of soluble fiber?

1. Which of the following is a characteristic of soluble fiber?  Dissolves in stomach fluids  Is not a source of calories  Speeds up the movement of waste  Provides bulk for stool formation


What advice might you offer a friend who habitually skips breakfast?

Nutrition Algebra Dietitics


[PART I]Intro. to %Yield, Edible Portion (EP), As Purchased (AP) - Dietitian/Food Service Mgt. Problem

INTRODUCTORY PROBLEM: You purchase 10 lbs. of raw hamburger. When you cook the hamburger the final weight of the hamburger in the pain 8Lbs. hamburger. What percent of the original amount of... more


Case Study of a Woman Nutrition status and Question regarding her energy intake

Jane is a 42-year-old female who presents with acute onset of epigastric abdominal pain associated with nausea and bilious vomiting, poor appe-tite, and 20-pound (9-kg) unintentional weight loss... more


Skill Building: DASH

Despite his young age, Ruben was recently diagnosed with hypertension. He knows that reducing dietary sodium and increasing dietary potassium can both help to lower his blood pressure. Of the... more
Nutrition Science Biology


Macronutrients meal

Ryan ate a stir-fried meal that consisted of mushrooms, snow peas, and some salt and oil. What macronutrients are primarily found in this meal? starch cellulose chitin lipids proteins

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