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Elementary Science


What is a food chain? 5th grade science


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Elementary Science


Layers of Earth

What are the Layers of the Earth?
Elementary Science Science Biology Microbiology


What is a cell?

Elementary Science Science


What is an atom?

A very small basic unit of a chemical element. It is a great source of nuclear energy.
Elementary Science Elementary Math Mathematics


word problem with miles

Joe owns land that is 5/3 miles along a shoreline. the town building codes requires that each house has a lot of at least 1/12 of a mile. what is the greatest number of houses Joe can build along... more
Elementary Science Science


Hail can move both up and down in clouds

Elementary Science Science


Ecosystems want be?

What is a 9 letter word that connects to what ecosystems want to be?
Elementary Science Reading E.l.a Math Science S.s


Which of the following is a good summary of the passage above?

     A black hole is a region of space-time from which nothing can escape, even light. This may sound strange, but it is possible. To see why this happens, imagine throwing a tennis ball into the... more


How did coins get their names?

Elementary Science


Members of the plant kingdom are organized into divisions

Elementary Science Science 5th Grade


Give an example of weather conditions

Teks 5.3A weather and climate
Elementary Science


should words meanings be exists in science?

i am a science teacher in primary school  please let me know with your knowledge , Either in note book of students words meanings should be exists or not  if yes why and obviously if not then why... more
Elementary Science


Light Refraction...Elementary school!

as refraction of the second medium increases, what happens to angle of refraction of the light as it passes through; are the rays of the light bent more or less?
Elementary Science Math


what are methods used to measure ingredients and their units of measure

volume, weight, count, legth, time, and temperature

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