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Nursing Exam


Proportion Solution

The prescriber orders 13 mg of a medication for every 10 pounds (lb) of a person's weight. How much medication should be given for a person who weighs 195 lb? 

Nursing Questions

Nursing diagnoses mostly differ from medical diagnoses, in that they are: dependent upon medical diagnoses for the direction of appropriate interventions. primarily concerned with caring, while... more

Nursing Questions

Nursing diagnoses mostly differ from medical diagnoses, in that they are: dependent upon medical diagnoses for the direction of appropriate interventions. primarily concerned with caring, while... more
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Pediatric Teaching project

Please how can I get to someone who can advise on project writing and research?
Nursing Exam


Nurse mathematics

Edward has $400 more than Robert. After Edward spends $60 on groceries, he has 3 times more money than Robert. How much money does Robert have?
Nursing Exam Math Nursing Probability


Grade Calculator Help

I had 6 tests worth 50%I got 84,80,76,76,76,74I had one exam worth 5%I got 22/30what do I need to get on my final exam worth 25% to maintain at or above 76%And how many questions can I miss?the... more
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Need help with microbiology, pharmacology, nursing, or med school admissions?

I'm here to help! I'm new to Wyzant but have years of tutoring experience. I just finished medical school and would love to help you out with science of any level! Let me know if you think we'd be... more
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How do you calculate Ideal Body Weight, % weight change and convert kg to pounds?

This is the anorexia case study in my dietetics course. Ms Jones biometric info: Ht 5’5” Wt: 36kgUBW 120 lbs 6 months pta 155lbs >1yr ptaCalculate: weight in lbs._________ IBW___________ %... more
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endoscopic procedure complication

what are the potential complications during an endoscopic procedure and related nursing implications?
Nursing Exam


Rn nurse care of children

A nurse preparing to collect a urine specimen from a female Infant using a urine collection bag . Which of the following actions should the nurse take


How do you perform a nursing assessment of the eyes?

Nursing Exam Math Science Physiology


Ventilation I:E Ratio Math Problem

If a patient's F = 12 and has a two second inspiration, his I:E ratio is?
Nursing Exam Physiology Nursing


Pulmonary Diffusion Question

The diffusion of a gas that is extremely high binding capacity for hemoglobin be considered for...Perfusion studies Spirometer studies Maximum voluntary ventilation Diffusion studies
Nursing Exam Math Science Anatomy


Ventilation I:E Ratio

If a patient is observed to spend 0.8 seconds inspiring and 2.4 seconds exhaling, the patient's I:E ratio could be recorded as:
Nursing Exam Science Anatomy Nursing


Which lung volume cannot be controlled?

Inspiratory Reserve Volume (IRV)Tidal Volume (VT)Residual Volume (RV)Inspiratory Capacity (IC)
Nursing Exam Nursing


Lung Volume Question

The patient is performing a normal spirogram. Not understanding the required breathing technique, he exhales beyond the normal title volumes baseline. What lung volume has he entered?
Nursing Exam Nursing


Which lung volume cannot be controlled?

Nursing Exam Nursing


I:E Ratio Cardiopulmonary Question

If a patient's F = 12, and has a two second inspiration, his I:E ratio is
Nursing Exam Science Anatomy Physiology


Cardiopulmonary Physiology Anatomy

Disease such as cardiogenic pulmonary edema can cause the placement of fluid in interstitial space, drastically reducing the diffusion of oxygen bringing about severe hypoxemia and even death. The... more
Nursing Exam


Which of the following conditions most commonly causes acute glomerulonephritis?

1. A congenital condition leading to renal dysfunction. 2. Prior infection with group A Streptococcus within the past 10-14 days. 3. Viral infection of the glomeruli. 4. Nephrotic syndrome.
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What's the best way to study for my nursing classes?

Nursing classes are so different than other classes. How should I study for tests when there are often more than one right answer for questions?
Nursing Exam


nursing question

1.  A young female comes in to the office complaining of fatigue. Upon a review of her dietary lifestyle you discover she is a vegan. She eats vegetable protein only. Lately she has been... more
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How do I study nursing textbooks

Nursing Exam Science Biology Anatomy


case study Infection

Nursing Exam Biology Physiology Nursing


What are some important features of achalasia?

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