Rob P.

asked • 01/23/16

What is the term for understanding unfinished speech of confidents?

There is a great word for when friends or confidents incomplete speech. The phenomena of "you know what I mean?" As in dealing with vocal redundancy. Any idea what it is?
This is a sociological term I came across the promptly forgot. Would love to track it down, great concept.

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Ed M. answered • 01/24/16

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Rob P.

I think you've nailed it here, this does describe what I am talking about. Great that it falls within Shannon's Process model of communication too.
However, this is not the term I am looking for. There is a sociological term almost a ode of thinking a listener will give as a mark of affinty; as in filling in the gaps in speech based on inferred meaning. So close though!! Thank you!


Ed M.

O.K., I really appreciate your following up and your gratitude. And please do post back here when you're tracked down the right term; I'd be interested to know also.


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