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Genetics Biology


What are human genetic traits that are easily observed?

Genetics Gene Therapy


Gene therapy and mutation question

Dominant mutations can be categorized according to whether they increase or decrease the overall activity of a gene or gene product. Although a loss-of-function mutation (a mutation that... more
Genetics Anthropology


Mendel’s principle of independent assortment says that the genes controlling different traits are inherited independently of one another. Today, we know that is ONLY true when

a mutation causes abnormal cell division.the traits are both recessive.the traits are located on the same chromosome.the traits are located on different chromosomes.the trait occurs on the X or Y... more


health issue in pakistan

a lot of health issue in Pakistan silent killer called hypertension, rate of hypertension increase day by day which are the root of cardiovascular disease how we control hypertension?


How does the polymerase protein know which gene to express?

I am not asking where the DNA or RNA polymerase starts to transcribe a gene. I want to know how does the polymerase know WHICH of thousands of genes on multiple chromsomes to pick at any one... more
Genetics Botany Seeds


What DNA does a self-fertile plant's seedling have?

Some plants are said to be `self-fertile`. An example is `Prunus tomentosa`. Assuming that no cross-pollination happened with other plants, if a self-fertile plant such as `prunus tomentosa`... more
Genetics Botany Reproduction


Plants that are siblings: How does this impact pollination?

A friend has two cherry bushes (prunus tomentosa). Prunus tomentosa is said to be partially self-fertile, but benefits from cross-pollination. The two cherry bushes set fruit, and so my friend... more

Horizontal Gene Transfer?

I understand the different ways bacteria can undergo horizontal gene transfer (transformation, transduction (phages), conjugation (plasmids)). Is there an experimental method to tell how a... more

Why is mRNA needed in the Protein translation?

The original question was to predict the basic requirements for information storage. Then the discussion moved to why is it necessary to include mRNA in the protein translation process. Why can't... more


What are the different ways an exon gets spliced?

Exons are produced by more than one mechanism, e.g. splicing out introns after transcription, if I remember correctly. Please list all mechanisms.


What is immunoprecipitation?

Immunoprecipitation is a very common lab technique used to study cells. What is it, what does it do, and how?
Genetics Microbiology


What is the difference between gene silencing in plants vs animals?

One way cells can control gene expression is by silencing specific genes. Gene silencing is a cellular mechanism that occurs in both plants and animals that results in the silencing of the specific... more
Genetics Splicing Introns


What are limiting factors for intron length?

For predicting genes from a sequenced genome, you need to set a maximum intron length. How long can introns get in animals? Is there some limit?
Genetics Translation


Why is an allele dominant or recessive?

Alleles refer to duplicate genes, where one allele can be dominant over the other. What makes an allele dominant or recessive, given that both code for a single protein?.
Genetics Polyploidy Genomes


Why does polyploidy give an evolutionary advantage?

I would like to know what advantages polyploidy holds. I have come across a few examples during my research of polyploidy, for example human adults' hearts contain 27% diploid, 71% tetraploid and... more


Why is polyploidy much more common in plants than in animals?

There are very few animals with polyploidy like salamanders. Why is it that polyploidy is so uncommon in animals? On the other hand there are numerous examples of polyploid plants. If ut something... more

Do transcription factors bind to both strands of DNA?

Do transcription factors (or generally proteins) bind to only single strand of DNA or both strands? Since it can have non covalent bonds to both strands in theory. I would like to know the... more
Genetics Dna Primer


How can you identify if a person is homozygous for a certain allele?

I've been thinking about starting a small private research project. In this project I need to find out whether a person is homozygous for a certain allele. The reason for this is that I'm really... more
Genetics Chromosome


Which of the two chromosomes in a pair is expressed?

I have completely dummy question.I have 23 pairs of chromosomes in the cells 23 single coming from my mother and 23 single from my father. So how my cell choose which chromosome, mother's or... more


Why do we still have genetic disorders that show anticipation?

Anticipation whereby symptoms of genetic disorders occur earlier and with more severity as it is passed from one generation to the next.So wouldn't these inherited diseases over a few hundred... more
Genetics Cloning


Why are female clones more often produced?

As a student of biology when ever I come by artificial cloning, I always find examples of females being cloned - Dolly the sheep, CopyCat, Daisy, etc. The only male I could see was Fibro mouse and... more


Which bacteria have the highest mutation rate?

From my reading on *M. tuberculosis*, I know that this organism has a pretty high mutation rate due to uncorrected sloppy replication, which leads to a high rate of development of spontaneous... more
Genetics Eyes Evolution


How can fruit flies and mice share the same gene that says to build an eye if they evolved separately?

I saw a documentary where they inserted the gene of a mouse that basically is the starting "build an eye" command into a fruit fly, and a fruit fly eye grew. My question is, if eyes of different... more

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