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Genetics Biology


Confusion about Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium!

Doing a little HW equilibrium, and came across a something I just can't figure out. There are 20 LL individuals, 24 Ll individuals, and 56 ll inds. in a pop of 100 total.When I solve for p and q... more
Genetics Biology Meiosis


Meiosis, Predicting proportions

Hi, I am stuck on this question about meiosis; I'm wondering if anyone could help me?I was provided with two karyotypes, a male with a normal chromosome 18 load and a female with trisomy 18.The... more


What is the difference between inherited and hereditary diseases?

they are not the same, what is it that separates them?

This high energy molecule provides the energy to drive translation:

This high energy molecule provides the energy to drive translation:Group of answer choicesGTPCTPUTPATP

Termination of eukaryotic transcription is best described as:

genetics biology (Transcription and Translation)**please explain answerTermination of eukaryotic transcription is best described as:Group of answer choicesThe message is cleaved near a polyA signal... more

A pre-mRNA must be processed to produce the final mRNA product of a gene-which of the following is NOT a normal processing step?

A pre-mRNA must be processed to produce the final mRNA product of a gene-which of the following is NOT a normal processing step?Group of answer choicesAddition of a 5' capSplicing out of any... more

Both prokaryotic and eukaryotic mRNA share the following features, EXCEPT:

Both prokaryotic and eukaryotic mRNA share the following features, EXCEPT:Group of answer choicesa) Polypeptide/protein-coding sequenceb) A 3 prime untranslated regionc) A 5 prime untranslated... more
Genetics Biology Blood


could Cameron be Carina ’s father?

details here Cameron (possible dad) Type B Negative Maria (mother) O Negative Carina (daughter) Type O Positive show your work using PUNNETT SQUARES
Genetics Biology


Need Help With this Biology Genetics Question?

A man with normal vision marries a red-green color blind woman. They have eight children in total(five boys and three girls). All of their sons are born with red-green color blindness, while None... more


Genetic disorder

For cri du chat syndrome: What treatment is available for it? Ex. gene therapy, physical therapy...etc What medical and occupational supports are available? Ex. wheelchair, medication, specialized... more
Genetics Biology


Genetic disorder occurrence

Describe how genetic disorders occur?


Unbalanced/balanced chromosomal rearrangements

A) If someone is heterozygous for chromosomal duplication, will the rearrangement be balanced or unbalanced in a somatic cell? How about a gamete? How does this change if the individual is... more
Genetics Biology



25.You are studying a new type of cancer and you discover that there is a mutation in a gene that encodes a histone acetylase. You hypothesize that the mechanism by which this mutation causes... more
Genetics Biology


Population genetics

In a certain population, 1 person in 10,000 is albino (an absence of pigment melanin in the cells, AR). Whatfraction of this population is expected to be heterozygous? Do you need to assume the... more


So important questions for me, please help...

Naturally, bacteria that can receive DNA from the outside and transform are called competitive cells. Competence is regulated in bacteria transforming in nature and specific proteins play a role in... more
Genetics Biology


Calculating Allele Frequency

 In the plant species Grandi floria, most individuals have large flowers. However, plants that are homozygous recessive at the G allele have small flowers. If there are 75 plants with large flowers... more


I need help solving this... Dont exactly know how to solve/set this up.

A geneticist puts a female mouse from a line that breeds true for wild-type eye and body color with a male mouse from a pure line having apricot eyes (determined by allele a) and gray coat... more
Genetics Biology


Genetics of blood groups and MHC

With regard to the HLA-A and HLA-B antigens complete the genotypes, haplotypes and decide if themarked man can be the biological father of the child:Phenotype of mother: HLA-A11,36; B8 What... more


case study Infection


Gene frequencies of populations Not in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium

Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium assumes p^2+2pq+q^2 of a single gene, generation after generation ie. gene frequencies DO NOT change over time. If this was true in nature populations would never... more


Gene frequencies of a Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium population

Given p=frequency A gene q=frequency a geneWhat are the genotypes and their ratios in a population in Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium?


Monohybrid mating

Mating Aa x AaIndicate genotype and phenotype of the offspring and what proportions of each?


Mating AaBb x AaBb

MatingAaBb x AaBb produces what genotypic and phenotypic ratios in the offspring?

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