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What stops messenger RNA from binding to itself?

Since mRNA is single-stranded, and (mostly) floats freely within the cytosol, what stops it from folding onto itself (like DNA) and preventing transcription?

Where do amino acids get attached to tRNA and where is it synthesized?

Some very basic parts of transcription/translation seem to be left out in various literature. I can't find the answer to this anywhere:How exactly is tRNA synthesized? I realize that mRNA is... more

What are some (bioinformatic) methods to characterize potentially novel gene transcripts?

I am working with a few novel transcripts of genes- before I confirm their existence experimentally, I would like to perform some bioinformatic analysis. I have already considered coding potential,... more

What is the function of the RNA primer in DNA replication?

During DNA replication, RNA primase puts an RNA primer in the lagging strand. What is the function of this RNA primer? Why can't the enzymes put DNA fragments directly?

Can human mRNA be translated in vitro by prokaryotes?

As the genetic code is universal, can mRNA from a human cell be correctly translated by a prokaryote in a in vitro translation system?

Why is thymine not incorporated into mRNA?

I am aware that in transcription uracil bonds to adenine and not thymine. But what is it that actually prevents thymine from bonding to adenine in transcription, that is not present in replication?


How is RNAse contamination in RNA based experiments prevented?

Does anyone have any suggestions to prevent RNAse contamination when working with RNA?I tend to have issues with degradation regardless of whether I use DEPC treated / RNAse free water and filtered... more


What is the explanation for the smaller number of tRNA than codons?

> Translation, or decoding, of the four-nucleotide language of DNA and> mRNA into the 20–amino acid language of proteins requires tRNAs and> enzymes called aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases. To... more


Where, on the mRNA coding for such a protein, would the ER signal sequence likely be located?

A. The signal sequence is not part of the mRNA and is added separately by an enzyme.B.Immediately before the stop codon.C. Anywhere in the mRNA.D.Immediately after the start codon.

Is there a double helix RNA?

I wonder what is its function and if it can be the genetic material for a living organism. If not, why?

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