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Can I kill bacteria with distilled water?

Given that bacteria are hypertonic (contain more salts) compared to distilled water, and that they rely on ion concentration differences across the plasma membrane to survive, can I kill a... more

Bacterial cell lysis - what solution to use?

I am trying to determine how quickly detergents act on bacterial cells (cell lysis). I would like to compare some detergents at difference concentrations for bacteriolytic activity. I don’t care... more
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Can a plastic degrading bacteria science fair project be recreated in a school lab?

i am just looking for a science fair project and am fascinated by this topic. i was wondering if a project concerning the isolation of plastic degrading bacteria could be done in a school lab. I am... more

How can E. coli affect C. elegans expression?

Plasmids can be transferred to *E. coli*. These transformed *E. coli* can be fed to *C. elegans* to silence its gene expression by RNAi. How can *E.coli* release RNAi to *C. elegans*? Even if we... more


Calculation of the bacterial growth rate from a spectrophotomer growth curve?

Typically the microbial growth in liquid cultures is monitored by turbidity. Data is obtained with a spectrophotometer to measure optical density at 600nm. The slope of the bacterial kinetic curve... more
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How can I make sure my UV-purificator kills bacteria?

I'm going to show a UV-purificator for water on science fair. How can I easily check if purificator kills most of the bacteria? I need a quick and possibly easy method.

Horizontal Gene Transfer?

I understand the different ways bacteria can undergo horizontal gene transfer (transformation, transduction (phages), conjugation (plasmids)). Is there an experimental method to tell how a... more


Does making yogurt from non-pasteurized milk work against possible disease bacteria?

In the past, when there was no pasteurization, could making yogurt from milk lower the chance of getting infected by bovine tuberculosis (or other diseases from infected milk)? For example, would... more


Why restriction enzymes cut (usually) at palindromic sequences?

Restriction enzymes usually cut only at palindromic sequences. Is there any specific reason for that ? Is there any advantage for bacteria if it cuts up virus at this type of sequences ?


Which bacteria have the highest mutation rate?

From my reading on *M. tuberculosis*, I know that this organism has a pretty high mutation rate due to uncorrected sloppy replication, which leads to a high rate of development of spontaneous... more


Can general soap kill bacteria?

I have read that general soap can kill bacteria by opening holes in the bacterial membrane.http://questions.sci-toys.com/node/90However, I found some articles as well saying that it... more


What is the advantage of using plant-derived antibacterials rather than bacteria-derived antibacterials?

So obviously we have a big problem with antibiotic resistance. Most of our antibiotics originate from bacteria themselves (or are synthetic variations on scaffolds which originate from bacteria). I... more
Bacteriology Microbiology


What is the advantage of using starter cultures for growing bacteria?

Many DNA isolation and protein expression protocols contain instructions to use a starter culture of E. coli that is then used to inoculate the main culture. What are the advantages of using... more
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Why is there now only one Salmonella species?

Once upon a time, I chanced upon an old microbiology book that detailed the rather colorful world of enterobacteria. *Salmonella* in particular stood out, as it seemed there were a lot of species:... more


How heavy are all foreign microorganisms in and on the human body?

I define "foreign microorganism" as a microorganism which is not produced by the human body (not antibodies or leukocytes) including bacteria, viruses, fungi, biofilm aggregates or small lifeforms... more
Bacteriology Microbiology


Hot water and bacteria?

I know that it is common to say, "use hot water when washing your hands" or when you've got a cut, "wash your hands with warm water," etc. I was wondering, why is this the case? Since bacteria grow... more


If a human takes antibiotics are all bacteria in the body killed?

From my basic understanding, antibiotics kill living things, bacteria for example. Do the antibiotics consumed by a human-being distinguish between what they kill? Or do they just kill every... more
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What is the advantage of circular DNA in bacteria? ?

From what I understand, bacteria have circular DNA. What advantages does it have over linear strands like for eukaryotes? Do there exist bacteria with more than one ring of DNA?
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What causes the development of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria?

I understand bacteria have become resistant to antibiotics due to selection pressures, but how do resistant bacteria process antibiotics when exposed to it, compared to non-resistant bacteria.... more
Bacteriology Pharmacology Antibiotics


Why does Penicillin only affect bacterial cell walls?

I was quite fascinated by the feature [Should Science Pull the Trigger on Antiviral Drugs—That Can Blast the Common Cold?](http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2012/03/ff_antivirals/) in this month's... more


If a human takes antibiotics are all bacteria in the body killed?

From my basic understanding, antibiotics kill living things, bacteria for example.Do the antibiotics consumed by a human-being distinguish between what they kill? Or do they just kill every... more


How are antibiotic resistant bacterial infections treated?

For example, how are infections of antibiotic resistant strains of MRSA, Streptococcus, or Gonorrhea treated?
Bacteriology Microbiology


Is there an equivalent to "Fields Virology" for Bacteria?

I've gotten a staggering amount of use out of my copy of Fields Virology as a general reference for "getting me up to speed" on whatever pathogen I'm currently looking at. I don't know of a similar... more

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