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A researcher hypothesizes that a certain chemical reaction performed by cells is a polymerization reaction. To study this reaction in more detail, she replicates the reaction in a test tube.What... more
Ap Biology


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Explain how the same features of viral replication that introduce genetic variation into a host organism can be used by science and medicine for gene therapy.
Ap Biology


Biology Questions PLS HELP!!

Discuss the differences in how genetic material is transferred between sexual and asexual reproduction. Identify and explain which type of reproduction results in offspring with greater genetic... more
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Help me with the question, please. What is the growth rate per day for the 5-day period with the greatest growth rate?

Days Since Inoculation Concentration of Chlorella (×106per mL) 0 0.01 (0.005) 5 0.08 (0.01) 10 0.55 (0.1) 15 1.9 (0.2) 20 2.8 (0.4) 25 3.2... more
Ap Biology Biology


Draw a pedigree for this family, indicating the phenotype and expected genotype of each individual.

Having face freckles is a dominant trait. A woman who has face freckles marries a man who does not. They have 4 children. The oldest, a girl, has face freckles, followed by a boy who does not have... more
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How many grams of Li3N can be formed from 12.1 grams of Li? Assume an excess of nitrogen (N2). 6 Li(s) + N2(g) → 2 Li3N(s)

Formula: 6 Li(s) + N2(g) → 2 Li3N(s)
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