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Bioinformatics: Converting EntrezGeneID to FASTA entry for BLAST alignment

Hi, I hope you're doing well. I am trying to set up protein BLAST alignment. I have a list of genes formatted as [EntrezGeneID_GeneSymbol], such as 395552_CCL1. I'm wondering if there's a way to... more


How are cell death like apoptosis and entropy related?

In [Perspectives on Statistical Thermodynamics, Yoshitsugu... more
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Is there a database of cell images?

We're working on an algorithm for processing images of cells, similar to but much more basic than [Cell Profiler](http://www.cellprofiler.org/), and we are looking for a large database of cell... more
Bioinformatics Biology Cell Biology


positive and negative feedback?

I want to know more about positive feedback in gene regulation and to know the similarity and differences between positive and negative feedbacks.
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What are some (bioinformatic) methods to characterize potentially novel gene transcripts?

I am working with a few novel transcripts of genes- before I confirm their existence experimentally, I would like to perform some bioinformatic analysis. I have already considered coding potential,... more

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