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Why is polyploidy much more common in plants than in animals?

There are very few animals with polyploidy like salamanders. Why is it that polyploidy is so uncommon in animals? On the other hand there are numerous examples of polyploid plants. If ut something... more
Chromosome Genetics


Which of the two chromosomes in a pair is expressed?

I have completely dummy question.I have 23 pairs of chromosomes in the cells 23 single coming from my mother and 23 single from my father. So how my cell choose which chromosome, mother's or... more
Chromosome Biology Meiosis Mitosis


Coiling of chromatids during cell division?

What is exactly coiling of chromosomes?I just heard about the names i.e paranemic, plectonemic, orthostichious, anorthospiral.I have ecaxtly no idea of what phenomenon is this.Also what type of... more
Chromosome Genetics Transcription


How do chromosome pairs get "paired up" for protein synthesis?

If my understanding is correct, during interphase a normal human cell will have 46 chromosomes scattered about in the cell nucleus. These chromosomes can be thought of as pairs: there are two... more


Is there a practical upper limit to ploidy?

In my AP Biology class, we were discussing polyploidy, specifically, its deleterious nature in mammals and its prevalence in plants. We also learned that commercial crops, especially fruit, are... more
Chromosome Biology Homework Mitosis


Chromosome and chromatid numbers during cell cycle phases?

A diploid cell in G1 has 6 chromosomes. How many chromosomes and how many chromatids are present in each of the following stages?Here is what I am guessing- G1: 6 chromosomes ; 6 chromatids - G2:... more


How was the Huntington's disease gene's location found?

I read in the book "Why we get sick." by Nesse and Williams that:> Steady detective work and fabulous luck have enabled geneticists to> pinpoint the Huntington's gene on the short arm of... more


Do men and women have the same number of genes?

As far as I know, humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes, each one which contains a particular amount of genes. But in the "last" pair, men have a XY pair chromosome, and women have a XX pair... more


Replicate the following DNA strands using what you know about complementary base pairs.


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