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Eastern gray squirrel

Why is my Eastern gray squirrel howling like a wolf? Is he hurt? I dont know what is going on. Never made that noise before today.
Zoology Biology


Regarding career as a Wildlife Biologist

I have a really important question to ask,I am 22 years passed high school in India with Physics , Chemistry and Mathematics in 2016. Then moved to canada did a diploma in Computer Networking... more
Zoology Science Question


Do different birds have a differnt anatomy?

At the moment I'm participating in a competition which requires me ot possess knowledge of Ornithology so for the past month I've been doing a compacted Ornithology course but there are still holes... more


Online sessions through Wyzant

How do these sessiona work?


Is bearded dragon also an iguana?



What are a butterflies wings made of?

are they tiny feathers?


health issue in pakistan

a lot of health issue in Pakistan silent killer called hypertension, rate of hypertension increase day by day which are the root of cardiovascular disease how we control hypertension?
Zoology Botany Nutrition


Feeding animals or plants with coffee?

What happens if you feed animals or plants with coffee? Say, just once, or daily? There are some extra coffees in the pot, and I don't know whether it is a good idea feeding animals or plants with... more
Zoology Mammalogy


What is the common name for Rhinolophus and can you attach a picture of this mammal?

There are many myths about this flying mammal.
Zoology Biology Ecology


What are two long-term reproductive challenges for women?

Exploring Animal behavior
Zoology Biology Ecology


How long does it take for a hard clam (Mercenaria mercenaria) to reach sexual maturity?

How long does it take for a wild hard clam (*Mercenaria mercenaria*) to reach an age where they are reproductive? How does fecundity depend on age and size? I've looked at several hard clam life... more


Can we digest food as well as herbivores?

I heard some guy say that we can't digest plant food as well as herbivores. Which seems weird to me seeing as how humans can survive without any nutrient deficiencies besides b12 on only plants but... more
Zoology Biology Spider


What kind of spider is this?

This spider likes like a tarantula, and has a yellow triangle on its back.It does look like those jumping spiders I have seen but it is weary of what's around it.Even a few feet away.
Zoology Science Biology


Name for Fertile and Infertile Hybrid animals and Species Classifications.

If you have two distinct species of animals that are closely related, are they a Sub Species? Are they a Sub Species if they can breed and produce fertile offspring? What if they can not produce... more
Zoology Biology Cats


Why do Cats Meow?

Cats often meow, and I was wondering why.


What produces the strong odor of decaying dead animals?

Are there specific chemicals responsible for producing the strong, putrid odor that is present after an animal deceases? Also, how long does this odor last?


Has any animal ever had a rotating part?

Outside of microscopic structures (I'm thinking of a flagellum, which I _think_ is a true motor) has any animal evolved a part that continually rotates compared to the rest of its body?


Why do men have nipples?

I'd be tempted to call nipples in men vestigial, but that suggests they have no modern function. They _do_ have a function, of course, but only in women. So why do _men_ (and all male mammals) have... more


How can insects survive without an adaptive immune system?

How can insects survive in a world full of pathogens that are able to defeat the innate immune system?


Why is a mosquito feeding on human blood not a parasite?

I recently read in my Ecology course notes that a mosquito feeding on human blood is not considered as a parasite. However, since it sucks blood from the human body, shouldn't it be regarded as a... more
Zoology Entomology


How do insects survive the winter?

I had an interesting discussion today in which the question arose how insects survive in the winter. Since they need a high enough external temperature to be active, this seems a bit difficult in... more
Zoology Entomology


Can butterflies still fly after their wings are touched?

When I was a kid, I was told not to ever touch a butterflies wing, as it would lose its ability to fly. This was because of some dust which was supposed to be in place on the wings and when... more


Why is the species-diversity of deadly parasites greatest in the tropics?

There are so many parasites living in tropical regions of Africa, South America, or Asia, but very few in Europe or North America. Is this due to climate, or are there other reasons? Many of the... more


Are humans the only animal that requires "clean water"?

I've seen a number of animals - dogs, cats, squirrels, ducks and geese, etc drink from puddles, some of them were muddy, others had green flora growing under water. Same goes for lakes and rivers.... more
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