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Science i need help please

plants that can receive a dominant trait for one parent and a recessive from another can be called


Help with biology ITS URGENT

Pick answers from the choices below : Hemophilia A is a common disease in which the ability of the blood to clot is severely reduced, causing the sufferer to bleed severely from even a slight... more



choose from the answers given :Cystic fibrosis is a disease which is caused by a defective CFTR gene. This form of the gene is recessive. Let "N"=normal CFTR gene and "n" = abnormal CFTR... more



-What does it mean that individual "1" is shaded?-How are persons 1 and 8 related to each other?-Which two people are not genetically related to this family?-also The pedigree above represents the... more


4. Plants heterozygous for a characteristic that determines petal colour were crossed (AB × AB)

The A allele represents a red phenotype, and the B allele represents a white phenotype. Work out the genotypic numbers if:a. This is an F1 cross. The results will be one AA to two AB to one BB. b.... more


Restriction Enzyme Mapping

A plasmid was cleaved with several restriction enzymes, individually and in combinations. The following fragment sizes (base pairs) were determined by agarose electrophoresis. Make a restriction... more


Pedigree - Autosomal recessive and dominant

There's a pedigree with an affected mother and unaffected father. They have 6 children, 3 are unaffected and 3 are affected. One of the affected children marries an unaffected person. They have 6... more
Genetics Biology


Sexual selection and Meiosis

The questions for the homework that I need help with are (and it requires us to be detailed and that is part of the problem I am facing):"Which statement best explains why organisms have two of... more


Blood type problem, calculate probabilities and predict genotypes

SHOW WORK. Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) is an X-linked recessive condition that causes night blindness. A/B/O Blood type is determined by an autosomal gene. Maria’s father had RP and type A blood.... more


Given the progeny, write all possible genotypes for BOTH parents, list the proportion of each progeny type you think the cross must have produced.

SHOW WORK. A single autosomal gene affects fur color in a particular breed of hamster, and there are multiple alleles of this gene in hamster populations. The table below gives each allele... more
Genetics Biology Probability


Make a punnett square and calculate phenotype %s?

Gene C and Gene F are epistatic for a certain fish’s scale color. Gene C codes for the color (Cr = red, Cb= blue). A heterozygous offspring will produce a fish with purple scales. Gene F’s dominant... more
Genetics Biology


Use a pedigree to find the probability of recessive genetic disorder being passed on?

The pedigree tracks a recessive genetic disorder through a family. Female #1 and her partner decide to consult a genetic therapist about the possibility of them passing on the genetic disorder. Her... more


Why are sex cells called germ cell

I just don't get why we call it germ cell
Genetics Biology


Bird Punnet Square

A male and female bird has four unhatched eggs. The female on the left is heterozygous for feather color, while the male on the right is homozygous recessive. We will use B and b to represent the... more


Genetics Question

Does anyone know the answer to this question?Describe the role of caretaker genes and tumor suppressor genes and how mutations in these genes may lead to uncontrolled cell growth and the... more
Genetics Genomics


LMNA Gene Functional Annotation

My assignment asks:"Functional annotation: Identify functional domains in LMNA and its orthologs in different species or paralogs in this species. How do the domains vary between homologs? Has the... more
Genetics Science Biology


Genetics Cross Chart Question

In cross between a tall pea plant and a short plant, 60 plants were produced, 28 of which were tall and 32 were short. What are the genotypes of the parent plants? T represents the allele for... more
Genetics Biology


mrna Vaccination

What happens to our antigen presenting cells after mRNA vaccination ? Are they attacked by the antibodies produced following the immune response, or are they protected because they are recognized... more
Genetics Biology


Recombinant DNA

Design a strategy for inserting your sequence of interest into the multiple cloning site so that the orientation of the insert is always the samemultiple cloning site includes SacI, smal, BamHI,... more
Genetics Biology


A woman of A blood type and normal colour vision had five children as described (in no particular order):

male, A blood type, colour-blind male, O blood type, colour-blind female, A blood type, normal colour vision female, B blood type, normal colour vision female, A blood type, colour-blind Of... more


Hardy Weinberg Equilliburim Question

Assume there are 200 individuals in a population. If q2=0.2 and 2pq=0.5, what is p2?Answer choices are 0.75 , 0.03 , 0.09 , 1, and 0.55
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How am I related to myself?

Hello! I am wondering how I am related to myself. Here is the story: My grandpa (dad's dad) married my great grandma's sister (mom's side).Therefore, my great grandma on my mom's side and my step... more

Genetics question: A 26-year-old woman of Norwegian descent seeks genetic counseling. Her brother died at age eight of documented cystic fibrosis.

A 26-year-old woman of Norwegian descent seeks genetic counseling. Her brother died at age eight of documented cystic fibrosis. Both of their parents are deceased. The woman undergoes DNA testing... more
Genetics Biology


Question about probability of being a heterozygous carrier, GENETICS QUESTION

A 26-year-old woman of Norwegian descent seeks genetic counseling. Her brother died at age eight of documented cystic fibrosis. Both of their parents are deceased. The woman undergoes DNA testing... more

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