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Find the price of one T-shirt and 1 puck

1 T-shirt and 2 pucks is $36 and two T-shirts’ and 3 pucks is $64.00

algebra 1 system of equations

the sum of two numbers is 365 and the difference is 111. help me find the system of equations to represent the situation then solve it to find both numbers

System of equations SAT calculator prep problem, didn’t work in Matrixes?

5x + 3y 2y = c - 4x6 = x + y I tried entering into my matrixes and doing A^-1 B , but I got an error. And it’s an SAT prep question so I wouldn’t have time to do the entire system of equations. I... more

Systems of equation word problem about ticket prices

A school fund raising event sold a total of219 tickets and generated a total revenue of $795.20. There are two types of tickets: adult tickets and child tickets. Each adult ticket costs $5.40, and... more

Write the equation and define variable

Mila had math and reading homeowrk tonight. Mila can solve each math problem in 5 minutes and she can read each page in 2.5 minutes. Mila completed a total of 17 math problems and oages of reading... more

Solve equations X+2y=12 and 3x-3y=4 with subsitution and elimination.

So for example like if x+2y=12 end up being at the end x=3.5you would put it into the next equation like 3(3.5)-3y=4and etc for substitution and elimination

System of equations

The sum of three numbers is 12. The third number is two minus that the sum of the second number and three times the first number. Five times the first number equals the sum of the second and third... more

Solve Practical Problems Involving Equations and Systems of Equations

Mrs. Smith bought 4 pencils and 3 pens for $5.60.       Mr. Brown bought 2 pencils and 3 pens of the same       kind for $4.60. What is the price of each pencil and       pen?

How do I solve for (x,y)?

y=e^xx-y+1=0How do I solve the system graphically

Sat/act practice

Jason worked 20 hours at $5 per hour and 30 hours at $6 per hour. What was his average hourly wage?

cupcakes and cookies

A high school band held a bake sale. The number of cupcakes sold was four more than twice the number of cookies sold. The band sold a total of 52 cupcakes and cookies. What is the system of... more

Admission prices

Solve with substitution and then solve with elimination method show work pls I really need helpAdmission prices at a local weekend fair were $6 for children and 22 for adults. The total money... more

Math Banquent Question

A total of 586 people attended the banquet. We collected a total of 9,423.70. Student tickets cost 12.95 and Adult tickets cost 17.95. Find the total number of student and adult tickets sold

The sum of 2 numbers is 48.the difference is 8 what are two numbers?

8th grade math
1 3 4 5 6 7 17

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