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Variation Math Mathematics


Find the pay for 35 hours of work.

A person's salary (P) varies directly as a number of hours (h) of hours of work. For working 15 hours, the pay is $29.60. Find the pay for 35 hours of work.
Variation Equation


Solve Variation Equation

find the variation constant k find y when x=93 if y varies inversely as x and y=131 and x=21


Variation Pressure and Volume

The pressure of a gas varies inversely as the volume. If the pressure is 40 psi when the volume is 10 cubic meters, what will the pressure be when the volume is 16 cubic meters?

Variation / direct variation

B varies with the square root of C. When B = 40, C = 50. Write the formula relating B and C with the appropriateconstant of variation.


In the equation x = yk/z, if z increase, x also increases. True or False



Please answer this word problem and show the steps please

The intensity of illumination (I) of a light source varies inversely as the square of the distance (d) from the source. If the Illumination 4 ft from the source is 9 foot candles (fc), find the... more


Please answer my wprd problem in direct variation

In a downtown office building the monthly rent for an office is directly proportional to the size of the office. If a 420 square foot office rents for $1260 per month, then what is the rent for a... more


Suppose a is inversely proportional to b, when b=5, a=1/2. Find a when b = 12

Variation Percentages


Question about variation...

The horsepower that a shaft can safely transmit varies jointly with its speed (in revolutions per minute) and the cube of its diameter. By what percent will the horsepower change if the speed is... more


z varies directly as x⎯⎯√ and inversely as y2. If z=176 when x=49 and y=8, find z if x=81 and y=6. (Round off your answer to the nearest hundredth.)

I can't seem to figure these ones out! any extra help would be great


the weight M of an object on the moon varies directly as its weight E on earth. A person who weighs 155.24 lb on earth weighs 26.39 on the moon. How much would

continued-  a 235.88 lb person weigh on the moon? Last question i promise!!
Variation Math


Given y^3=(x^2)/4, if x is doubled, what happens to y?

I tried plugging in numbers but I have found no luck with that because it gives a really long decimal. Please help!


The maximum weight that a circular column

The maximum weight that a circular column can support is directly proportional to the fourth power of its diameter and is inversely proportional to the square of its height. A 2-meter diameter... more


y varies directly as x. If y = -5 when x = 15, find x when y = 3.

how do I solve?  


Seven kids can eat a basket of apples in 14 minutes. How long can 10 kids eat the same number of apples?

It is a variation problem.  


m varies directly with x and inversely with y . Write m as a function of x and y

M=12 Y=10 X=8 


Indirect variations

A dealer wants to invest $690,000 in purchaseing 20 diamonds. But the diamonds available in the market are different and the cost price of each is $46,000. How much additional money will be needed... more


Direct Variation

A train covers a distance of 420 km in 7.5 hours. By how much show the speed of the train be increased to cover the same distance in 5 hours? 


If m varies directly with p and indirectly with c, and m=100 when p=250 and c=5. Find m when c=10 and p=75.

 This is very confusing how you relate with both direct and indirect variation. I am wondering if there are two answers or one


(1, 12) will these points create a inverse variation

what type of variation is this  

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