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Can someone please answer these questions for me I beg. I need to submit by 8.

The hypotenuse of a right triangle is 20 cm. What is the length of the side opposite a 350 anglein this triangle?The legs of a right triangle are 12 and 35 inches. What is the measure of the angle... more


Please write a thriller story in 200 words

Hi, i'm not very good in english, this is why i came to this site. We have to write a thriller story,in 200words, and the story must begin with the following words: Emma could not believe what she... more


I need help! My math is confusing

The perimeter of a square is represented by the expression 32x − 12. Write two equivalent expressions for the perimeter and explain how to find the length of one side.  

The sequence shown below is defined using a recursion formula

  The sequence shown below is defined using a recursion formula. Write the first four terms of the sequence.a1=12 and an=an-1+1 for n less than or equal to two.


Write equation in standard form hyperbola given endpoints and foci.

Endpoints (-5,-4) & (-5,6) foci (-5,-5) & (-5,7)
Please Math Equation Now



multiplication or division question NEED EQUATIONDiego is sharing 12 bags of chips with 6 friends. Each friend got 2 bags of chips.IF Diego decides to share is 12 bags of chips with 3 friends, what... more


College Sociology 1101

What are some TV shows that depicts a character who is partaking in deviant innovation?Thank you!


Help! Please! Heat Capacity of Calorimeter & Hess's Law

You used a bomb calorimeter, or constant-volume calorimeter, but misplaced the information of heat capacity of the calorimeter. If you burn 1.250 g of an organic compound, with, ΔE = -24.30kJ/g,... more
Please Geometry



If m∠EFG=(3x+11)∘, and m∠GCE=(5x−23)∘, what are the measures of the central and circumscribed angles?
Please Geometry Help


The diagram of circle G, where two chords EF---- and WV----, are congruent. Segment JK is a diamenter of circle G

and intersects EF----- at a right angle at point P. JK---- intersects WV----- at right angle at point O.If PG= x-4 and GO= 1/2x+3, whats the length of PO----? Help pleasea) -1b) 10c) 7
Please Geometry Help


What is the equation of the line that is perpendicular to line with the equation y=−3x−1 and passes through the point (6,−1)?

y=1/3x+3 y=1/3x+19/3 y=−1/3x+1 y=1/3x−3


Help Me Pleaseeeeeee

How many even 4-digit numbers can be formed from the digits 4, 5, 6, 7, and 9 with no repetitions allowed? (Hint: Try filling the units place first.) A red six-sided die and a green six-sided... more

chemistry problem, explain because I got lost doing this and its not giving me the answer that we have

The atomic mass of chlorine is 35.45 amu. Calculate the mass of the first isotope if it has a % natural abundance of 75.77% and the second isotope has % natural abundance of 24.23% and mass of... more


Quiksilver, Inc., the makers of the Quiksilver and Roxy clothing lines, has had steadily increasing profits over the past several years. The profits for Quiksilver, Inc. are given in the chart.

A bar chart with 5 bars of unequal heights is titled "Gross Profits for Quicksilver, Inc." The horizontal axis is labeled "Year." The vertical axis is labeled "Gross profit (millions of dollars)"... more


Calculate the number of molecules of Freon-12 in 4.43 mg of Freon-12. What is the mass of chlorine in 4.43 mg of Freon-12?

Freon-12 is used as a refrigerant in air conditioners and as a propellant in aerosol cans. Calculate the number of molecules of Freon-12 in 4.43 mg of Freon-12. What is the mass of chlorine in 4.43... more


Math word problem need help please thanks

A colony of 70,300 bacteria doubles in size every 160 minutes. What will the population be 480 minutes from now?


middle school math. Help?!

Separate 84 into two parts so that one part is 9 less than twice as much as the other. Find each part.

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