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How do I make Dreamweaver to show me closing tags?

I would like Dreamweaver to show me the opening/closing tag when I select a tag. This functionality is seen in many editors, I know for sure Eclipse has it. To make things clearer: When I... more


In Dreamweaver CS5, is it possible to detach design preview (to move to second monitor)?

Is it possible to detach the design preview from the code view, for use on the second monitor?

Which is the better Unicode Normalization Form?

I have four options on Dreamweaver: C, D, KC, KD. Which one should I choose and why?


How do I get the line numbers back in Dreamweaver CS4?

I let my friend use it and now it's gone.


Shortcut for deleting a line in dreamweaver?

What is the shortcut for deleting the current line where the cursor positioned. ex: eclipse have crtl+d


Facebook plugin not showing on my browser?

As my title says my facebook plugin with the like button and faces is not showing when I preview my page in a browser using dreamweaver, must I upload the page to a server before I can see the... more
Dreamweaver Html Css Video


How do you embed a youtube video on an html page on top of an image in Dreamweaver?

I just want to simply embed a Youtube video in a specific position on the page. But the only way to embed the video is to push down one of the images and put the video beside it. I want the video... more
Dreamweaver Html


Is there an easy way to find broken HTML code in Dreamweaver?

Is there an easy way to find broken HTML code in Dreamweaver? I've got an issue and I keep loosing count. Is there a Dreamweaver trick to this?
Dreamweaver Html Encoding Utf 8


utf-8 / utf-16 conversion?

When I design a html page in Dreamweaver CS6 I use its validation tool (it sends the code to w3c) and I get no errors. However, when I validate the same page in UltraEdit 21 (it uses HTML Tidy) I... more


can we add <ul> inside <a> tag?

when im writing html code <ul> inside of <a> anchor tag, my dreamweaver editor showing bug in anchor tag. Shouldnt use <ul> inside <a> tag? Is there any rules writing/using... more


Building website with menu without using frames?

With Dreamweaver, I use frames to define a left column menu, and clicking on each menu tab would change the HTML page displayed on the right frame. However, webdesign tools such as kompozer do not... more


<h1> - <h6> Tags Rendered as Green Font in Email Newsletters?

I'm designing an email in Dreamweaver with inline CSS, but every test I make, with Hotmail in Firefox and Chrome always renders header tags as a green font color. I want the font to be normal.... more
Dreamweaver Html Audio Onclick


How to add audio to a HTML image?

I'm still new to all this, but I'm trying to add audio mp3 sound to an HTML image, which is played when clicked on. How can I do this right? I've already tries a few things, like the... more
Dreamweaver Html Coldfusion


Dreamweaver templates transforming coldfusion <cfinclude> paths from relative to absolute?

I am pretty new to both Dreamweaver and Coldfusion, and I am having a terrible time figuring out this issue. I am sure the fix is very simple. When I create a new page from an existing template in... more


Reformatting HTML?

I'm not a developer so I don't know the right term for this. I am dealing with code done by other and it is coded in a continuous way. Meaning not like this, <body> <ul> ... more
Dreamweaver Html Cross Browser


Tool to Convert table base design to table less design?

What is the best optimized way to convert table base design to table less design? the layout should be cross browser compatible and SEO Friendly. Is there any tool/editor which converts existing... more
Dreamweaver Adobe


Increase size of my code font - DWCS5?

I'm trying to do something pretty basic here. I just want to make the font of my code larger so I can see it better. How do I do that? Thanks!
Dreamweaver Drawing Macintosh


Computer drawing surfaces?

I was looking at some Adobe products and noticed [at this page](http://www.adobe.com/products/dreamweaver.html?promoid=DTELX) the artist appears to be drawing on her computer screen directly, it... more
Dreamweaver Html Photoshop Css


Export HTML and CSS from Photoshop or InDesign?

I am building web site and I've got .psd file of how the site should look like and I can make it manually but it will take time. I was wondering if there is a way to export a Photoshop or InDesign... more
Dreamweaver Html Php Database


eCommerce with Dreamweaver, Please help

I have a question , Currently i Have a store Locally. However i want to put them online and sell through my website. I created a site with Dreamweaver. Basically i dont want to write code for each... more

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