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Sports fan: Need economical ideas for alphabet t-shirts?

We are seven friends planning to watch a sports game, and we are trying to get seven t-shirts that has the letters F E D E R E R. Buying them online seems expensive, and where it's cheaper you need... more
Paint Drawing


App anime caracters?

I have a questionFor example i'm a begginer java programmer And i want to built an game in android How i can get a anime caracters thats drawing for just my special ,thats mean new anime caracters... more


If I makes 2 gallons of green paint with 3 gallons of white paint what color would it make

2 gallons of paint mix with 3 gallons of white what color would it make


How much red is to be mixed with 4 quarts of yellow

Sun gold paint is made by mixing 3 parts yellow to 2 parts red. How much red is to be mixed with 4 quarts of yellow?
Paint Fractions


if I had 1/2 of yellow paint and I have 3/4 of blue paint how much paint do I need to make 15 cups of green paint

I need help trying to figure out what the awnser is for this problem
Paint Math Other


I bought 2 1/2 gallons of paint but I only used 2/4 gallons of the paint. How much paint do not have left

i am trying to find the answer to this qustion 


romeo mixes 1.8 litres of white paint with 600 ml of black paint. how much grey paint has he made?

litres and ml question ? just had no idea about it all about paint and adding I am not good at adding  


How many costumers shopped during the sale?

Millers Hardware store was having a sale on pints and gallons of paint. There were 107 people who bought pints of paint 132 people who bought gallons of paint. 92 customers bought only pints. Some... more


Use linear approximation to estimate the amount of paint

Use linear approximation to estimate the amount of paint in cubic centimetres needed to apply a coat of paint 0.010000cm thick to a hemispherical dome with a diameter of 60.000 meters. 

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