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8th Grade Physical Science


What is the density?

A mass of 43.6 g has a volume of 25.5 mL. What is the density?


Which situation could represent the system shown below?  x - y = 1.50  2x + 3y = 8.00

Which situation could represent the system shown below?                  x - y = 1.50                2x + 3y = 8.00a) Joanna bought an apple and an orange that cost $1.50. Chen bought 2 apples and... more

Solve Practical Problems Involving Equations and Systems of Equations

Mrs. Smith bought 4 pencils and 3 pens for $5.60.       Mr. Brown bought 2 pencils and 3 pens of the same       kind for $4.60. What is the price of each pencil and       pen?


What is the value of the smaller zero of the function defined by 2x^2 + 9x + 7?

What is the value of the smaller zero of the function defined by 2x2 + 9x + 7?
8th Grade Math Algebra 1


need help please

Three times a number minus 8 is equal to 5 times the same number plus 10. What is the number?
8th Grade Math


Math question 8th grade class

A plumber charges $40 set fee for each job plus an hourly rate. The table below shows t, the total charge, in dollars for a job that last h hours.hours work total chargeh t2 $1204 $2007 $3209... more
8th Grade Math Algebra 1


How any cakes did they sell?

A corner store sells two kinds of baked goods: cakes and pies. A cake costs $15 and a pie costs $11. In one day, the store sold 11 baked goods for a total of $145. How many cakes did they sell?
8th Grade


8th grade Dilation's and Measurement

A group of friends is roping off a soccer field in a back yard. A particular full-size soccer field is a rectangle with a length of 120 yards and a width of 60 yards. To fit the field in the back... more
8th Grade Math


what is (4.5 x 10^7) ^2? Please answer in scientific notation :)

the carrot symbol represents an exponent


Jenny's fish tank has 13 liters of water in it. She plans to add 6 liters per minute until the tank has more than 67 liters. What are the possible numbers of minutes Jenny could add water?

Use t for the number of minutes. Write your answer as an inequality solved for t .I really need help, my deadline is in a couple hours.


.15 (5 repeating) as a fraction.

Prior to this I got the answer 3/20, but when I divide I get .15 no fives repeating?
8th Grade Math


Math problems

The width of a rectangle is 5 less than 3 times the length of the rectangle. If the perimeter of the rectangle is 70 inches what are the demensions of the rectangle 
8th Grade Math Algebra


Marshall's birthday party costs $5 plus an additional $1 for each guest he invites. If there are 38 guests,how much will Marshall's birthday party cost?

can you help me with this problem i dont know how to do it  

[NVM I FIGURED IT OUT] You work a shift from 9.00pm to 5.30am, you get paid $11.40/h before midnight and $13.75/h after, what is your income?

This is kind of an easy question and for the most part I've figured it out, (11.40 x 3 = 34.20 13.75  x 5__ = ____ add them together, etc.) The problem I actually have is that I've completely... more
8th Grade Math Algebra 1


Math Algebra Word Problem

1. Write an equation to find out how many cups of each beverage must be sold to raise $240? 2.what are the x and y intercepts?  


Devaughn is 12 years younger than Sydney. The sum of their ages is 52 . What is Sydney's age?

I'm finishing up math and the semester ends tommorw! I will take all the help I can get, thank you!!


What two numbers equal -18 when multiplied, but -7 when added?

Thank you for helping!
8th Grade High School


High school credits and classes and how can i graduate early in az?

need help on high school stuff
8th Grade History


Describe the role and purpose of history.

thats all it says... thank u for helping me


Kristen is flying a kite...

Kristen is flying a kite. The length of the kite string is55 feet and she is positioned 33 feet away from beneaththe kite. About how high is the kite?A) 47 ft B) 45 ft C) 44 ft D) 40 ft I think... more
8th Grade Social Studies


how did the compromise shape the creation of the constitution?

 relating to the great compromise

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