Sri S.

asked • 04/03/20

Volume Question

If the paper cone is completely full of ice what is the total volume of the Sno-Cone? Give a decimal approximation using 3.14 for π and rounding to the nearest tenth. 


NOTE: The diameter of both the sphere and the cone is 6cm, the height of the cone is 10cm, and the total volume only involves the volume of the cone and half the sphere.

A. 207.24 cm3

B. 94.2 cm3

C. 150.72 cm3

D. 56.52 cm3

Gloria W.

You will need two formulas here - volume of a sphere and volume of a cone Volume of a cone is 1/3*h*pi*r^2 Volume of a sphere is 4/3*pi*r^3 for this problem you will only use half of the sphere so divide that in two Add and you should get... A. 207.24 cm^3


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Julia W. answered • 04/03/20

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