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Restrictions on X

XZ=12 , ZY=18 , XY= 4x-6What are the restrictions on X?

Determining the type of triangle given 3 lines

Determine the type of triangle that is formed by the lines x+y=11, x-y=1 and x-3y=3. Justify your decision?


Mathematics Problem Solving (Triangle)

You measure the angles in a triangle. One angle is twice as big as another. What kind of triangle can it be? What kind of triangle can’t it be? Explain your thinking.


The base of a triangle is 8 more than twice it’s height.

If the area of the triangle is 51 square centimeters, find its base and height.


What is the area of an equilateral triangle whose altitude is 6?

What is the area of an equilateral triangle whose altitude is 6?


Literally have no idea how to do this, can someone plz explain?

the ratio of the areas of two similar triangles is 4:9. what is the ratio of their altitudes drawn from corresponding sides?


if triangle XYZ,XY=21 and XZ=35 find YZ


Right triangle...

The hypotenuse is x one leg is x-2 and another is 8 (8 is shorter leg): solve for x


Math for grade 9

What is the height of a triangle that has a base of 8 inches in an area of 28 in.²?


VAVA Geometry HELPPP lol

A triangle has an area of 36 cm². The base and height are scaled by a factor of 5.What is the area of the resulting triangle?


If two angles in the ration of 5:4 are represented by 5x and 4x, express each of the following statements as an equation; then find x and the angles.

A. The angles are adjacent and together form an measuring 45 degrees B. The angles are complementary C. The angles are supplementary D. The angles are two angles of a triangle whose third angle is... more


Help finding length knowing angles

The angle of elevation of the sun is 64. A telephone pole that is inclined at an angle of 9 degrees (with the vertical) casts a shadow of 5.25 m on the ground. Calculate the approximate length of... more


Trying to find Triangle answer

Write an expression to represent how much shorter the base of the triangle is compared to side? The side is ax +9 and the Base is 4x+b


Find the unknown measures in the triangle

The angles of the triangle are (9x+4) and (3x-2), i need to find the third angle measure.


Plotting Points/Geometry/Algebra/triangles

Given points, A(-2,7) and B(3,3), find the coordinates of two points, P and Q, that are on the perpendicular bisector of AB. What can be said about triangle PAB? Triangle QAB?


One side of triangle is 5 more than 2 times the shortest side. The third side is 21 feet more than the shortest side. The perimeter is 62 . Find all three

Need help on a few math questions that i cant figure how to set up
1 3 4 5 6 7 10

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