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Bearings Question (finding distance travelled)

A ship travel on a bearing of 150oT for 25km before changing direction to 050oT and travelling a further 15km. How far south is the ship from it's starting position. (State answer correct to 2... more

Using the Pythagorean theorem and a quadratic equation to find side lengths of a right triangle

The hypotenuse of a right triangle is 5ft long. The longer leg is 1ft longer than the shorter leg. Find the side lengths of the triangle

Pythagorean theorem and trig ratios

How does the Pythagorean Theorem relate to trigonometric ratios?


Three people are sitting on a bus. Vivian is directly behind Ariel and directly left of Ron. If Ariel and Vivian are 7 feet apart, and Ron and Ariel are 10 feet apart, what is the distance between... more

How do I solve using Pythagorean theorem and how do I find the distance from the boat to the dock when length is 60 feet(round to one decimal place)?

A winch tows a boat to a dock. The rope is attached at a point 15 feet below the level of the winch.

Quadratic formula

The hypothenuse of a right triangle is three times the length of one of its legs. The length of the other leg is four feet. Find the length of the three sides of the triangle.

How do I solve this problem using the Pythagorean theorem?

I need to find the b side of a triangle that has a hypotenuse of 2,5 and an a side of 10 m.I tried to do this:102 + b2 = 2,52100 + b2 = 6,25b2 = 6,25 - 100b2 = -93,75I don't know how to proceed... more

In Burlington, the library is 1 mile due south of the courthouse and 2 miles due west of the community swimming pool. What is the distance between the courthous

This is Pythagorean theorem I just need a Little extra help To get the understanding  

The shortest length of a triangle is 17 feet

The shortest length of a triangle is 17 feet shorter than the other leg. The hypotenuse of this triangle is 25 feet. What are the lengths of the two legs of this triangle

Pythagorean Theorem

Don is building a loft in his garage. The ladder he is using extends to 10 metres. The loft is 8m from the floor. How far away from the wall should he anchor the ladder?

Does a right integral triangle exist, in that the hypotenuse is twice the value of one of the sides?

Assume that the sides are x, y and z respectively, with z being the hypotenuse. I want to find a right triangle in which x, y and z are all integers, and z is either 2x or 2y.

pythagorean theorem

jovi is laying a foundation for a garage with dimensions 10 m by 6 m. to check the foundation is square, jovi meaurrs a diagonal. how long should the diagonal be?

Math Help!!!! How do I find the height of a triangle using the pythagorean theorem???

The triangle gives the base and the hypotenuse, how do i find the height using a^2 + b^2 + c^2?????

What is missing

Pythagorean theorem: A 20 ft long Wire is used to support an antenna the wire is connected to the Internet 15 foot above ground how far away from the base of the tower will the other end of the... more
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