Nikita P.

asked • 05/12/15

PLEASE RESPOND QUIZ TOMORROW: Finding Value of X Using Central Tendencies

Find X for all problems:
1. Mean is 4; 5,1,6,3,4,x
2. Median is 28; 21, 24, x, 30, 30, 32
3. Mean is -0.35; 2.25, -3.75, -1.25, 3.5, x
Thank you so much! Please respond ASAP

1 Expert Answer


Nikita P.

Thank you so much for the answer! I have a question, if it were any other problem do I divide my amount of numbers or 6, and when I multiply each side I'm not sure which number to use


Jim S.

         To find the mean of a set of numbers you add the numbers and divide by the number of numbers. So in question 3 you divide by 6 again.
The median is 28 which is the middle of the set of ordered numbers. The ordered set is 21 24 x 30 30 32 the median is the average of the two middle numbers so (x+30)/2=28, so x+30=56, x=26. You should look up the definition of the median to be sure you know how to find it for odd and even sets of numbers.
Good luck on your quiz


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