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Writing Music Singing Advice


How old should you be when you write your first song?

I want to write music because I love to sing. But I don't know if I am the right age to start writing music.


Can you help me with an essay about pig happiness?

Analyze five types of happiness and  argue that they are or are not real happiness. Incorporate rehetorical elements to make writing more persuasive and interesting. 


*Quick* grammar question.

Sentence: "Frederick Douglass proves himself a master of rhetoric"   Does it make sense that I took out "to be" after "himself" in this sentence?   (Original: "Frederick Douglass proves himself... more

Lord of the flies Chapter 1-4

In the first four chapters of Golding’s novel, the need for social order is a main theme that is illustrated by the events of the plot. For this writing, delineate the examples of this theme as... more
Writing Android


what is process selection(code optional) in a report on a working android application

i have made an app that changes the wallpaper  it uses picasa api to fecth the wallpaper then sets that wallpaper on the homescreen now i am writing a report on this app  and according to the... more
Writing Grammar


Several people stopped to see the fireworks at the park, for it was the first such display to commemorate the holiday.

for it was the first such display This part is incorrect and it should change to the first such display. I don't know why we need to change it to the first such display. Please... more


Many records were preserved in cuneiform at a particular library which was destroyed, its contents lost. What library and who destroyed it?

Many records were preserved in cuneiform at a particular library which was destroyed, its contents lost. What library and who destroyed it?
Writing Essay Thesaurus


Is there a word/phrase for what I am thinking of?

Hi! So I am currently writing an essay that all depends on whether or not I agree with a statement about the topic of a book we are reading. In the essay, I would like to begin with summarizing the... more
Writing Social Studies


what was it like for mercy otis warren to be a political writer and a propagandist of the rev. war

 so in 5 th grade we chose someone from the hall of fame and i chose mercy otis warren and i need a answer this question on stage which is what was it like for mercy otis warren to be a political... more


How do you write this sentence correctly?

This quote sentence appears in my essay: The narrator describes, “Chuck imagines having a cell phone, texting Margo while she is at home or at the KwikMart. ‘Out of BBQ today, Shipment in tmrw.... more


Is this sentence written correctly?

I'm writing an essay and having issues. My writing tends to sound awkward. This was my first draft of the sentence: "His father worries Henry has a death wish and asks the narrator, who seems to... more


Could someone assist me in revising this sentence?

English is not my forte.  I was told this sentence sounds awkward: "His father worries Henry has a death wish and asks the narrator, who seems to be his son’s old friend, for advice, but Henry... more


is this a good introduction / thesis

topic: minimum wage should be raised   topic sentence #1 strengthen economy and businesses topic sentence #2 lift americans out of poverty i think i need another one     intro: one of the... more

Is this sentence written correctly?

This sentence is in my summary of a short story: "Luke luckily picks ducks at a game-booth and wins Chuck's wife Margo a carnival prize before he dies shortly after in a car crash." It sounds odd... more
Writing English Mla


Help me create a works cited entry for this source?

I'm creating a MLA works cited page. I am having trouble creating an entry for this one: http://www.cebcglobal.org/uploaded_files/pdf/CSR_-_Small_Businesses_and_Small_Towns_-_final.pdf  


Please help. How do I introduce my characters for fiction-narrative

How do I introduce my characters for the fictional narrative? I already have written the story, but I don't know how to introduce my characters! :( Please help.


How should I title a summary of an Anthology?

I was assigned to write an objective summary of an anthology. The title I Was going to use for my summary is: Summary of "Lackland" "Lackland" is the anthology's title. Do I need to put... more

English : Negative Questions

Can you give me examples of negative questions and explain them for me?    Like 6 examples? Thank you by the way!:)


English Negative Questions

English Negative Questions: Question: Do you not like the food? How would I response using yes or no? Would yes mean I like it?And no mean I don't like it? P.s - I'm from America. :)Thank you by... more


What are some examples on the topic of family that I can use for a classification/division essay?

I have to divide family into category/classes(at least 3) then, write about each category explaining and giving 3 characteristics. I was thinking on discussing characteristics on being a good... more

what was hubert the friars philosophy in canterbury tales?

i need to know what the friar from canterbury tales philosophy was and also what arguments/debate he might have had. from what i have read, the friar was a beggar and a very crooked man but i cant... more
Writing Shirley Jackson


I need to know how Shirley Jacksons past influenced her writing in The Lottery,Charles, and One Ordinary Day With peanuts

I ned 8 to 10 sentences on how her past influenced her writing in JUST those 3 stories
Writing Language Arts


i need to know what "n man is given more hardship than he can endure" means. Someone please tell me what it means in a simple way!

I need to know what this means for a 3 paragraph essay that i am reading out loud tomorrow. If anyone has tips for writing the essay, please help!

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