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Choosing between two people in a romance?

So, my dilemma is as follows. I have a romance project with the MC trying to choose between two women who he cares for very much. Each has broken his heart, but are willing to make amends and provided justification for their misdeeds. In order to give you more information, I'll talk a bit about the persons involved.Cassidy is the MC's childhood friend and high school sweetheart. She's a tomboy, yet is very sweet and caring. However, in their high school years, she met someone who took on a trip to the "dark side". I'm not going to mention anything gratuitously, but she did go off the deep end here. She stopped seeing the MC, and grew more and more attached to the new stranger, stopping altogether when the MC left to go to college. But, after the man was killed in a gunfight, she went through rehab and started to turn her life around. On the other hand, Diane was a waitress at a place the MC enjoys to eat at. The two often saw each other, and would occasionally chat and make small talk while he ordered. However, when a particularly inebriated customer started going a little too far, the MC intervened, and after a small scuffle outside, returned triumphant. However, Diane's family is... not the happiest when it comes to their daughter being "out in the world." They'd rather be able to "keep an eye on her" and when she was invited to visit, she disappeared for months.Now, both girls are here, and want to get back together with him. Since he still cares very deeply for both of them, he's going to forgive a lot easier than most, and will eventually get back together with one or the other. MY question is, though, how do I, who have grown attached to both of the characters and want them both to succeed, do so in a way that doesn't seem like I'm settling for one or the other? This question could apply not only to straight, male-on-female relationships, but to any relationship. I'm not trying to ask who is worse, or who to pick at the end. It's how do I "detach" myself from my characters in order to make a decision.

Katharyn C.

From what you have said so far, logically, if the MC is a person who likes new and exciting, he would go for the girl he just met and whose parents want him far away. If he is drawn to the ordinary and comfortable, he would go back to his former love. Personally, if you only have made small talk with a person, there is no way to know them well enough to love them, only to be (emotionally, as well as physically) attracted to them. However, inexperienced people mistake that for love all of the time. People are also slow to realize when a former love has abated into comfortable fondness and a habit of longing.


Paulla F.

And... this is the bane of any great writer. I've written stories/fan fiction/poems - and I even have a book I'm working on. Here's what I suggest - and I'll use your current scenario as you described. But, it can fit into ANY situation you noted: 1) First of all, you need to decide how you want the story to go. By "how" in your case I mean: a. Do you want the MC to pick the LOGICAL choice b. Do you want the MC to pick the ILLOGICAL choice You said that both women have Pros & Cons. With this in mind then... 2) Create a Pro/Con list for all of your main characters (in your scenario - this would be the MC and the two women). List down - by bullet points - everything. 3) Compare the Pro/Con list of the MC against the Pro/Con list of the two women. Depending on your decision for #1 - this will determine who the MC pics. It's tough to boil beloved characters down to facts. But doing so may help you to "detach" - and based on facts alone, decide what path your MC should take. All the best...


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