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suppose 20 individuals are randomly selected from a large population of voters of which 40% are democrats. what are the probabilities that:

a) exactly 10 of the selected voters are democrats?b) at least 10 are democrats?c) at most 10 are democrats?d) between 8 and 12, inclusive are democrats?e) how many of the voters selected could we... more

Regression Help

The following table gives information on the amount of sugar (in grams) and the calorie count inone serving of a sample of 13 varieties of Kellogg’s cereal. Sugar... more

The answer is 502.4 ml. How to get the answer?

A company making cans for lemonade wishes to print ‘Average content x ml’ on their cans, and to be 99% confident that the true mean volume is greater than x ml. The volume of lemonade in a can is... more


Two Population Means

At a recent faculty meeting, we were wondering if freshmen have more free time than seniors. We took a sample of 25 freshmen and 23 seniors. Each student was asked to record the amount of free time... more
Stats Math College


Statistics question: Probability (College level)

The percentage of people who buy lottery ticket at least once a year is 92% on average. If 6 people are randomly selected, what is the probability that at least 5 of them buy a lottery ticket at... more


how many different family night possibilities are there? (info in description - pls help!!!)

Can someone please help me with this question? I don't understand how to do it and my teacher explained it but it still makes no sense to me. If it helps, we have been using permutations etc on the... more
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stats question for psych

normal distribution, mean = 50, sd = 15. what percent of applicants who took the test scored below 80? what percent scored between 50 & 80? what percent scored below 40? what is considered the... more


The curious die

A peculiar die has the following properties: on any roll the probability of rolling either a 2, a 3, or a 4 is 1/2, just as it is with an ordinary die. Moreover, the probability of rolling either... more

Statistics Two-Sample t Statistic

Is there a difference in the amount of airborne bacteria between carpeted and uncarpeted rooms? In an experiment, seven rooms were carpeted and seven were left uncarpeted. The rooms are similar in... more

Statistics Confidence Interval

In a randomized comparative experiment on the effect of dietary calcium on blood pressure, researchers divided 48 healthy white males at random into two groups. One group received calcium; the... more
Stats Statistics



3. Which of the following statements is a null hypothesis?Group of answer choicesA. There is no difference between the sample size and population size.B. There are no statistical outliers in the... more
Stats Statistics


Statistics - Hypothesis

6. A high school research team wants to know if their Advanced Placement (AP) credits earned is greater than the state average. The state average is 150 credits. Which of the following is the... more

Correlation Coefficient

6. The correlation coefficient of -.75 means that:Group of answer choicesA. As art lessons increase, stress levels tend to decrease.B. As art lessons increase, stress levels tend to increase.C. As... more

Dependent vs Independent Variable

Dr. James studied how art lessons in drawing reduce daily stress levels. A sample of 250 employees representing a large corporation in a busy metropolitan area participated in the study. Results... more

The goal of finding the “line of best fit” in simple linear regression is to:

 The goal of finding the “line of best fit” in simple linear regression is to:A. Increase the X values.B. Increase the Y values.C. Minimize the predicted values.D. Minimize the residuals.


suppose a certain candy is made up from red, yellow, green, blue and orange pieces.a. is you draw one piece of candy, are the events of getting a yellow one and getting a blue one disjoint,... more


What statistical test would i ask

I will do a test to see if those with higher rebellious scores are more likely to have a higher level of aggression.(correlation?????????)


What statistical test should i use

i will do a test to compare gender results to the parental rejection scale One round for mother another round for father
Stats Math Calculus


Help with false positives

A drug testing company advertises a test for steroids that is 93.5% effective at detecting steroid use. It has a true negative effectiveness of 93.5%. Suppose 8% of 10,000 professional cyclists are... more


question about chances

If i enter a contest 27 times with a 1% chance of winning each time what is the % chance of winning overall. If possible can you explain how to calculate the answer?


math question i need help with TODAY 5.6 please!

1)     The table below shows the income for an employee over his first 8 years of work. Use this to estimate his income for his 15th year of... more


Stats binomial probability holiday lights

A holiday light string has 27 lights, and a whole string fails if and only if one or more of its own individual lights fail. Each single light has an independent 2.7% chance of failure during any... more


The null hypothesis is the opposite hypothesis to the scientific or alternative hypothesis.

True or false I know the null hypothesis is the opposite of the alternative but Not certain for the scientific hypothesis
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