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Math Assignment Help

There are cows and turkey at farm, 82 heads and 264 legs in all. There is no need to explain that a cow has four legs, while turkey has two legs. How many cows and turkeys are at the farm?

College Major Crisis

I am a freshman in college completely lost in what I am going to study/major in. My test results point to INFP, and I got a list of careers that were pretty creative and enticing. However, I am at... more


Can someone please help me with this statistics word problem?

You have been saving the same amount of money every week. If you have been saving five dollars more than a number for five weeks less than that number, how much money have you saved so far? Explain... more


Larry is 4 years older than Moe. Nine years ago, Larry was 5 times as old as Moe was then. How old is each now?

im not exactly sure how to set up an equation for this. i'm not sure where to put x and how to write the equation. 


Two planes left the same airport traveling in opposite directions.

Enter an equation that can be used to solve this problem, where x represents the number of hours that the first plane had been traveling.Two planes left the same airport traveling in opposite... more
Freshman Math Algebra 1 Width


A rectangle has a length of 3.6 in. and a perimeter of 16.8 in. What is the width of the rectangle, in decimal form?

A rectangle has a length of 3.6 in. and a perimeter of 16.8 in. Enter the width of the rectangle, in decimal form, in the box.

earning money

on the 8th day of summer ,ricky had $212 in his bank account. on the 40th day of summer, he had $852.   1) how much money did he have on the 20th day? 2) after how many days would he have... more


gnaws/select:homonym/homograph is the question i cant find a word that goes for both of these words

so i have to find 2 words that either have the same spelling but different meaning or different spelling and different meaning but they sound a like 


When will the strains have the same number of cells?

A group of scientists studied the effect of a chemical on various strainsof bacteria. Strain A started with 12000 cells and decreased at a constant rate of4000 cells per hour after the chemical was... more


Helppppp Please ( solving system of equations)

3x+4y=9 4x-37=-13

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